• Families develop heroes – Binay


    Vice President Jejomar Binay on Thursday stressed the role of the family in producing leaders and heroes that will spur the nation toward progress.

    “That is how important the family is in our lives. Without the family, ours would be a society without a soul. It is in the family where we develop our attitude towards society and the role that each one of us should play in it. The love, respect, and trust that emanate from the family serve to nourish the young and help them become responsible members of the community,” he said.

    “The family breeds leaders and heroes and nation-builders who stir the nation into action and push it forward towards progress. On the other hand, Scouting further develops the children, helping the family shape the character of its young members,” Binay said during the Boy Scouts of the Philippines-Bulacan Council’s Family Day.

    The Vice President also pointed out how the Scouting movement complements the family in shaping youth’s character.

    “Through Scouting’s non-formal education, the young Scouts learn the values of discipline, preparedness, and teamwork. Scouting complements the family’s function of preparing the young for their future,” he said.

    “Scouting is a vital extension of our families. With lots of play and practical lessons of friendship, camaraderie, and preparedness, Scouting further prepares us, and specially our children, for the world outside,” he added.

    According to Binay, the Scouting levels are aimed at raising the youth’s appreciate of self, others, the nation and God.

    The KID and KAB Scouts are taught to be obedient and respectful toward their parents and others, to be tidy and well-ordered, helpful, alert, and always ready. Upon becoming Rover Scouts, they are steeped in serving the community and the whole country.


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