Family seeks justice for kin burned to death in Malaysia


POLOMOLOK, South Cotabato: The 58-year-old mother of Pinay burned to death in Johor Bahru, Malaysia is seeking justice for her daughter. She also voiced hope that the remains of her daughter be brought home and buried in her own birthplace.

In an exclusive interview with The Manila Times, Virginia Lloren said she is emotionally wrecked with the tragedy and horrible death of her loving 35-year-old daughter Rubelyn or simply Ruby Lloren, whom she said has been helping her a lot financially. She said that Ruby is her 3rd child in the brood of 10.

“Napakasakit bilang ina na mawalan ka ng anak sa ganun na paraan ng kaniyang pagkamatay na susunugin na buhay (It is so painful to lose a daughter with that kind of death by burning her alive), the grieving Lloren told The Manila Times.

However, the elder Lloren said family members are still discussing the burial rite for Ruby since Ruby is already a Muslim. In fact in one of her photos she was hearing the hijab, a scarf being worn by Muslima (female Muslim) to cover their heads.

As this developed, Lloren said on Thursday morning they received a call from the Philippine Embassy in Kuala Lumpur and a staff member tried to give them an update on the investigation on the murder of Ruby and that the police attaché was scheduled to go to Johor Bahru to see the actual crime scene.

The younger sister of Ruby, Rachel, was already fetched by Philippine Embassy officials and brought to Kuala Lumpur to retrieve the remains if Ruby where as of this writing are being stored in a hospital morgue.

The family has some misgivings about Ruby’s husband, who they never met. Rachel claimed that he only identified himself as “Rols” and has refused to disclose his full name. But the elder Lloren disclosed that when the incident happened he was in his office.

She added that the last time she saw Ruby was in 2005 to attend her father’s burial. Ruby has a 9-year-old daughter from her first husband, who is living with Lloren.


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