• Fan to cool Bong in hot detention cell


    Sen. Ramon “Bong” Revilla will be allowed to have an electric fan in his detention quarters at the Philippine National Police (PNP) headquarters in Camp Crame.

    The fan will help ease Revilla’s migraine brought about by the severe heat inside his cell, his wife, Cavite Rep. Lani Mercado, said on Saturday.

    Revilla spent his first night Friday at the PNP custodial center where he is detained while waiting arraignment for plunder and graft in connection with the pork barrel scam.

    After surrendering to the Sandiganbayan on Friday he was brought to Crame where he was booked, fingerprinted and photographed before being led to his cell.

    The Sandiganbayan had found probable cause to indict the senator for plunder Thursday and ordered the police to arrest him.

    Two other senators, Juan Ponce Enrile and Jose “Jinggoy” Estrada, are expected to be served arrest warrants by the Sandiganbayan next week.

    The PNP spokesman, Chief Supt. Reuben Theodore Sindac, said he sees nothing wrong with bringing in a fan for Revilla..

    Sindac said the senator has also requested for a cooler, television set, and other amenities, but the requests have to be approved by the Sandiganbayan, and not the PNP.

    Asked if a pastor or a spiritual leader could visit Revilla, Sindac said there is no need  because there is a regular Mass for high-profile detainees inside the detention compound.

    Revilla had the typical detainee’s meal of porridge with egg for breakfast. paksiw na isda for lunch and ginisang sayote for dinner.

    He was given an hour for sunning time.

    The senator’s family, lawyers and spiritual advisers can see him during visiting hours, Sindac said.

    Mercado thanked the PNP for letting her and her family stay with Revilla until 6 p.m. during his first day of detention. Detainees are only allowed visitors on Thursdays and Sundays, from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.


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    1. Rey Rogelio G. Manalo, Jr. on

      • • • Moral Lesson for Senator Bong Revilla :

      ○○○ It is better to be a BORN-AGAIN
      ○○○ Than to be a BORN LOSER. … Right On, Porky !! … ((^_^)) ☻☺☻☺☻

    2. Sa huli, talo pa rin ang taumbayan. Sana mabawi ng gobyerno ang mga ninakaw ng tatlong senador (sexy, pogi at tanda) sa kaban ng bayan.

    3. Buking na palusot pa rin si Bong Panes…este mandaramBONG revilla. Sobra sa gimik, pakapalan na lang talaga ng mukha.

    4. So the superintendant sees nothing wrong with bringing a fan in for revilla to use in his cell. I wonder if he feels the same way about normal prisoners in normal jails, would he be happy with them having a fan in their cell. There needs to be a change of mindset in this country as these politicians when they commit a crime like this it brings them down to a lower level than a normal street vendor or the like as a politician should know better & more is expected of them in being for the country not against it. & normal criminals dont usually commit a crime against the country its usually against an individual.

    5. Book him at the Hilton! Then bring the mice and cockroaches to keep him company. I guess he hasn’t been to Tacloban where the typhoon victims of Yolanda are living in squalor and misery. Duh! I have no sympathy at all for this guy. Tell him to stop whining and act like a man! Isn’t that what he portrayed in his movies?

    6. I hope that the next news item about Bong Revilla is not about how he uses the bathroom or how he urinate. This kind of news about how this indicted Senator is having problem inside his detention cell is not worthy of seeing print and being read by people who value news with substance. This is a crap of a news. Never in his entire political career that he espoused improvement on the kind of jail that country have. Let him suffer, but please, no more news about what he is doing or not doing inside his cell.

    7. Yes, I think he can have a fan because he was just indicted, but when convicted for the crime committed and in jail, should be treated just like a common criminal with migraines and all. His family should pray hard that he did not get a kickback to enrich himself and feed his family with that dirty money, because more suffering for all of them is coming to haunt them. Remember, this has nothing to do with the President, all these if proven, is because he is a plunderer, and has to accept the severe penalty associated with it.

    8. Mikhail Hieronymus on

      With these special treatments, who will pay for the electricity. May a T.V. Set later and a cell phone.