Far from clean and fair, results of elections in La Union a farce



Elections are a serious matter but it has turned ridiculous as results of the recently held exercise will show in the province of La Union. Amid the strongest clamor for change in the leadership in La Union and the public’s strong sentiment against political dynasties, the Ortega Clan and their cohortsunbelievably grabbed all the elective positions from governor, vice-governor, all board member seats, all mayors, vice-mayors, and all sanggunianbayan member seats in the entire province of La Union, as well as the two congressional districts including partylistAbono practically erasing even the 30% built – in opposition. This is Prima Facie evidence of wholesale fraud that has been perfected and institutionalized tantamount to failure of elections.

Gubernatorial candidate of NUP Party, Three-Term Congressman,General TOMAS M DUMPIT, SR. filed his election protest last May 27, 2013 to get to the bottom of this election fraud and to expose how the results were manipulated thru the automated election system.

Dumpit called on Chairman SixtoBrillantesto immediately investigate and file criminal charges against a purported syndicate operating inside Comelecand manipulating election results for money.

The investigation should focus on three aspects. First, on the allegation that ballots were Pre-Shaded using invisible ink but readable by the PCOS machine. This may be one of the reasons why there were many null votes or over voting as seen in the first few hours of canvassing.Second, the allegation of Pre-Loaded or Pre-Programmed Compact Flash (CF) Cards which contained already the names of winning candidates even before voting had finished. Third is the issue on transmission of results where PCOS Machines did not work and CF cards had to be replaced or switched. Illegal transmissions or intercepting transmission signals may be done in areas were there are poor cellphone signals and broadbands. These areas are under the control of Comelec and can only be manipulated if you have the right source code.

With all the safety features disengaged and without a review of the source code as mandated by law, Brillantes should be heldliable by virtue of command responsibility and face the consequences of impeachment and criminal charges against him. To allow this to pass is to make a mockery of our elections.



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