Fariñas warns of deadlock if Congress votes separately on martial law extension


Majority Leader Rodolfo Fariñas at the House of Representatives said that there would be a deadlock if the Senate and House would vote separately on President Rodrigo Duterte’s request for an extension of martial law in Mindanao, and that the Constitution was “very clear” on the matter.

“If the two Houses of Congress vote separately in revoking or extending the proclamation of Martial Law, I am almost certain that the Supreme Court will rule such unconstitutional,” Fariñas said on Friday.

“Indeed, if each House votes separately and decides differently, we will have a deadlock and won’t be able to revoke or extend Martial Law,” he said.

The Senate and House will convene in a special joint session on Saturday to discuss and decide whether to approve Duterte’s request for an extension of martial law in Mindanao in the wake of an alleged rebellion threat from Islamic State-inspired Maute terrorists seeking to establish an independent state in the southern Philippines.


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