• Fashion’s most famous crocodile turns 80


    Lacoste-POLO-THOMAS-RUFFLacoste celebrates with unique brand experience roadshow
    In celebration of its 80th Anniversary, international lifestyle brand Lacoste unveiled an exclusive and unique brand experience roadshow in Manila, which is currently on display this week at the Shangri-la Plaza’s East Wing Atrium.

    Visitors to the exhibit will encounter three cubes filled with moving and still images and objects from the brand’s archives dating back to the invention of the polo shirt and founding of the brand in 1933 by tennis champion René Lacoste.

    Lacoste-POLO-PEDRO-ALMODOVARThe first cube showcases the iconic polo shirt. The walls feature a carefully curated collection of Lacoste polos over the years, including the Holiday Collector’s Series, where the brand has annually features guest artists since 2006 to reimagine the classic polo. Among them are British industrial designer Tom Dixon, British product designer Michael Young, Chinese artist Li Xiaofeng, American designer Jonathan Adler, Brazilian designers the Campana Brothers and American fashion icon Visionaire with singer/photographer Michael Stipe. A screen loops film clips that tell the story of the iconic L.12.12 polo shirt, the brand evolution through the decades, and the Polo of the Future.

    The second cube contains a cabinet of “Crocodile Curiosities.” Here, visitors will discover the various shapes and sizes, colors and contexts that the Lacoste crocodile logo has adopted and adapted to over the decades during its natural evolution. Complementing this is a set of fun facts about the crocodile species at large: Did you know that crocodiles live up to 100 years?

    Lacoste-POLO-PETER-LINDBERGHThe third and final cube houses a collection of images, again from the brand archives. Black and white heritage photos of brand founder René Lacoste, himself a tennis legend, as well as his wife and daughter, both golf champions, are mixed with more recent images of fashion shows, products and other objects, which combined, offer a compelling visual narrative of Lacoste’s development and expansion from a single item to a truly global lifestyle brand.

    The exhibit is set up near the newly opened Lacoste store in Shangri-la Plaza’s East Wing, which is also the first Agora store concept in Manila. Its polished look gives a glimpse of clean lines and a breezy store design. Inside, visitors will be able to touch and try on the special collections featuring the 80th Anniversary logo created by British art director Peter Saville, and designed especially for this important birthday of the brand. The capsule collection of the 80th Anniversary, as well as the brand’s seasonal collections, includes apparel, leather goods, footwear, eyewear and other accessories.

    In the Philippines, Lacoste is exclusively distributed by Stores Specialists, Inc. (SSI).


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