• Faster end to marriage of battered wives pushed


    Liberal Party (LP) presidential candidate Leni Robredo wants a speedy annulment process to aid battered wives.

    Robredo on Thursday said Article 36 of the Family Code of the Philippines that cites only psychological incapacity as a ground for a marriage to be annulled is too restrictive, considering that psychological tests amount to around P100,000.

    “The psychological incapacity requirement must be studied extensively. They are already poor and battered, and yet they are further burdened with expensive psychological tests. What would happen if they can’t afford the psychological tests?” she added.

    “We can’t leave them shouldering such burden of being married to an abusive husband. Even if she gets a lawyer for free, the annulment case won’t prosper because she won’t be able to submit a psychological report,” Robredo, a lawyer, said.

    The widow of Interior Secretary Jesse Robredo used to lawyer pro bono for battered wives before becoming a representative of the 3rd District of Camarines Sur.

    Robredo is also co-author of House Bill 2854, which seeks to include violence against spouses and their children as additional ground to annul marriage.

    “I have seen a lot of battered wives who can’t get out of their marriage just because of this restrictive provision,” she said.



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    1. Leni Robledo is now a presidential candidate or just the same, a vice-presidential one?

    2. dating walanghiya on

      Why not push for Divorce Law instead? On annulment, how are you going to divide marital assets? How or Who will guarantee spousal support or alimony? Parting on separate ways will work better to a lot of women, and also wanted equitable share whatever marital assets they have accumulated during their marriage years.

      In my case, the judge ordered 50/50 but instead, I gave her 65% and the remaining 35% for me and I did this voluntarily, coming from the bottom of my heart. Lugi palagi ng mga babae because when they get old, they have the tendency to become fat and ugly and there will be no more time for them to recuperate.