• Faster than a speeding bullet


    The Enhanced Defense Cooperation Agreement (EDCA) and China negotiation efforts are strange bedfellows. The problem is how to take the first step having one without the other.

    The three ladies, Ma Lourdes Sereno, Leila de lima and Conchita Carpio-Morales, to this day think that they are still “The Supremes.” Hidden in the corner is citizen Diana Ross telling Digong to “Stop In The Name of Love.”

    It seems that a bullet train, cheaper and faster, will be delivered ahead of new coaches ordered by the DOTC. It is called ConAss Railway Transport. It’s a bird…it’s a plane…it’s Charter Change!

    I’m at a loss with these:

    Why is there “lost and found” but no “found and lost.”

    Why is there “come in black tie,” but no “come in white tie?”

    When will restaurants put a sign “last come, first served?”

    If there’s a raw footage, is there a cooked footage?

    News: Lapeña confirms Cebuano businessman Peter Lim is a drug lord on PDEA’s ‘target
    list.’ 2,000 or more namesakes “Peter Lims” can now breathe easier.

    No, it is not true that SmartMatic will be commissioned again for the planned plebiscite of Charter Change. “Cosmetic change” is here.

    News Headlines:

    Military’s violation of Duterte ceasefire led to Davao del Norte ambush – NPA
    Duterte issues ultimatum to CPP-NPA

    Duterte gives Reds deadline to explain ambush, declare ceasefire
    Military: MILF aided BIFF in Maguindanao clash

    Duterte revokes ceasefire

    There goes the neighborhood.

    With recent developments, with former President FVR and Raffy Alunan designated as 1-2 punch negotiators of President Digong, it looks like Yasay is not the last say.

    Nothing wrong with “joint exploration of natural resources in our territory.” But doing it with a claimant?

    Secretary Andanar is right. He cried going over President Digong’s draft SONA speech. He sobbed profusely when the president discarded most of it and adlibbed most of the time.

    Duterte’s governance – a renovation or a complete overhaul? I hope he wouldn’t bring the house down.

    Finally, Hillary not ‘trumped’ for the second time. Trump not ‘hilarious.’

    PNoy did not nINTENDo to snob former President GMA. He just PLAYed with his smartphone where he STATIONed himself. He was not thinking of saying “I’m SONY.” omiJOSH!

    Republicans say Trump is loveable. Democrats say Trump is laughable. Perceived as both, who does he think he is? Seinfeld?

    I hate to say this: the more important issue for me is EDSA not EDCA.
    Justice Sec. Vitaliano Aguirre: “Bilibid will be clean in a few days.”

    Hiring a new janitorial service makes the difference.

    To bury or not to bury FM at Libingan ng mga Bayani is being discussed by the family: Bayani Agbayani, Techie Agbayani and Bayani Fernando. (Hero Bautista included).

    Duterte thanks PNoy for giving the Philippines the ace card in sea row. Ironic that the recipient of the gratitude claimed credits of others before him.

    NO to mining that DESTROYS the environment. I think this is clear enough. No further explanation needed.

    Dial 911 for Emergency Hotline, 8888 for Complaint Hotline. Another victory for Smart and Globe.

    Good work, good deeds, and good faith to all.

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    Rolando “Rolly” Reyes has 30 years of broadcast and communications experience under his belt, including the implementation of a transformation plan for the Philippine National Broadcasting Network into a 24/7 news and information channel from 2006 to 2010 as its chairman and president. He served as deputy head of the Government Mass Media Group in 2006 and earlier, as undersecretary for Broadcast, Office of the Press Secretary in 2004.

    He finds humor in the mundane as well as the dark, painful realities of Philippine politics and manages to share a laugh about all that with his readers. From today, he writes a column for The Manila Times, and will henceforth continue to do so twice a week, Thursdays and Sundays.


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    1. MSEUF WIGWAM85 on

      You make me brod brod, you remind me of my mom’s brutal wit regarding local politics

    2. This is a good read.
      Injecting light humor to serious situations make entertaining read while at the same time giving information that provokes serious thinking.
      Looking forward to the next column .

    3. greg bañacia on

      Congratulations to Brod Mr. ROLLY REYES…we need more journailst like the calibre of Mr.Rolly Reyes…it is about time we read more and laugh with him about the painful realities of life in our beloved Philippines…cheers..cheers…greg bañacia