• Fast Times celebrates 6th year


    Fast Times, The Manila Times’ weekly motoring section is celebrating six years of doing what it does best—delivering the latest news on aspirational cars, auto industry coverage, car and motorcycle reviews, international launches and road trip destinations.

    Fast Times, up to now, is the only regular broadsheet motoring section with eight pages every week, to be printed in full-color, and on high-quality, sheet-fed, white paper.

    During its first year, Fast Times promptly went on to clinch the Best Motor Show Coverage (Print Category) in the 1st Chamber of Automotive Manufacturers of the Philippines Inc. (CAMPI) Motor Show Media Awards, when the country’s premier organization of carmakers held its 3rd CAMPI Philippine International Motor Show (PIMS) in August 2010.

    In 2011, Fast Times was honored as Best Broadsheet Motoring Section at Ford Motor Co.’s 11th Henry Ford Awards, the country’s sole award-giving body that recognizes excellence in automotive journalism. The awards’ body in 2011 moved to base its judging of the country’s weekly motoring sections on issues published the entire year rather than on only four pieces that a publication may tailor-fit to submit as its entry.

    In 2012, Fast Times repeated on its Henry Ford Award, which followed the section’s best-coverage plum it received from the 2nd PIMS.

    The feat was repeated in 2014 and again in 2015 when Fast Times won the Henry Ford Awards, this time under the helm of new Motoring Editor, Anjo Perez.

    From four pages every week, The Times’ president Dante “Klink” Ang 2nd implemented innovative ideas and expanded the section to eight pages every week, with a section dealing with “Road Trip” destinations and another one that feature movers and drivers of the Philippine automotive industry. The Fast Times Traveler and Cylinder Head sections were then born.

    It takes a great team to come out with a great section—something that Fast Times has. The Fast Times roster includes talented writers, drivers, travelers and photographers, who are all aspiring to provide readers with more significant news about carmakers in the

    Anjo Perez

    Anjo Perez

    Philippines, and report on green technology, motor sports, car-safety features, vehicle sales, and more—all excellently packaged in reader-friendly format. We will also see to it that this dedication to excellence be consistent week after week, issue after issue.

    Meet the Fast Times Team:

    Anjo Perez (Fast Times Editor) – A photojournalist covering the aviation beat since 1995, Anjo began his career in the motoring section in 1998 when a racing team was formed to represent the former broadsheet he worked for in the first ever Honda Media Challenge. He steered the team to victory during the inaugural year, as well as the years to come. In 2005, he became the Motor Sports Editor of the broadsheet and later on becoming the paper’s Photo Editor. In 2014, Anjo moved to the Manila Times to take the helm at Fast Times.

    Conrad Cariño (Deputy Fast Times Editor) – Although he has written on various subjects from business to boxing, it is in the motoring beat that Conrad has almost unequalled passion. After covering the motoring beat from 1994 to 2000, Conrad found himself writing about cars and motor sports from 2015 up to the present—and he has no plans of stepping on the brakes. Besides everything about cars, Conrad also has vast knowledge on the Philippine vehicle industry being a former Business Editor and reporter, and public relations officer of the car company. Currently writes a weekly boxing column for The Times Sports Section titled “Anti-thesis.”

    Vince Pornelos – An automotive journalist for the last decade but a car enthusiast since he learned to walk. Vince brings his unique perspective and experience whenever he starts up any car for a review.

    George Apacible (thegeorgereview@gmail.com) – has been passionate about cars since he was seven years old. Three decades later, George carved a niche in the local motor sports scene with over 200 trophies and championships under his name. Aside from racing cars, George conducts various car-related events including driving seminars, consultancy, corporate and team-building events, track design and building, and hosting track days. He is even a TV car show host in “thegeorgereview.” He is also a technical test driver for Car of The Year Group. When not behind the wheel, George gets

    behind the keyboard and types away his views on a car. George promises, “Road tests will be thorough and will report to you the latest luxurious, exotic and iconic sports cars launched in the market.”

    Beeboy Bargas – our resident off-road guru, Beeboy has been driving 4×4’s most of his adult life. Being the man behind Land Craft 4×4, he is the go-to guy when it comes to anything that’s driven on roads less traveled. Beeboy shares his knowledge about driving through “Off-roading 101.” He is currently on leave to attend to election matters.

    Froilan Victor “VJ” Tan  Bacungan Jr. – Our youngest recruit, VJ has been Fast Times reporter since January 2016. He writes news on cars and motorcycles, features on events and personalities in the Philippine motoring industry and data-based, in-depth reports related to consumer advice, road safety, local and international motoring legislation and law enforcement. He also writes for the Motor Sports page of The Times Sports Section. VJ graduated in June 2015 with a degree in journalism, cum laude, from the UP College of Mass Communication and recently won 1st runner-up in Green and Smart Technology Feature category at the 2016 Henry Ford Awards for a piece he co-wrote for independent, investigative-journalism website VERA Files.

    Gilbert Chao – an avid motorcyclist and automobile enthusiast. He spends most of his time on the saddle, unless otherwise saddled with writing assignments. If schedule (and spouse) permits, Gilbert participates in international motoring events like the Asean-India Car Rally (2012) and China-Asean Rally (2014). Aside from being a Fast Times Contributor, Gilbert is also the Associate Editor of Motorcycle Magazine and a Contributing Editor/Columnist for Power Wheels Magazine. He is also the Motoring Editor of Mindanao Daily News and Business Week Mindanao. Gilbert is one of the hosts of a weekly motoring radio program The Motoring Page on Mellow 94.7 FM.

    Joseph Bautista – He is a car executive who loves to travel every weekend. When Friday comes and the work shift ends, Joseph boards his trusty vehicle and drives off to wherever the road takes him. Joseph is our resident explorer and shares his adventures in Fast Times Traveler.

    And just like any other notable newspaper section, Fast Times has team members who opt to stay behind the scenes, staying late and working hard to make sure that the section always goes out on time. Special thanks to our team of layout artists, Peter Nathaniel Baga, Guian Karlo Avante, Miller Achura and Marc Jarlego; our Advertising Desk headed by Fina Caponpon and Weng Camacho; our Supplements Editor, Lea Beltran; as well as our Account Managers Cathy Lambina, Evelyn Mercado, Gemma Cuenca, Mon Avorque and Tony Velasco; for tirelessly working on our anniversary issue. Cheers!



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