• Father of ‘hazing’ victim: ‘We want justice for our son’


    THE father of the University of Santo Tomas (UST) law student who died from alleged fraternity hazing demanded justice for his son.

    “We want justice for our son. You don’t bury your sons and daughters. They are the ones who should bury you,” Horacio Castillo 2nd said in a voice that broke during a radio interview on Monday.

    The older Castillo said his son, Horacio Castillo 3rd, didn’t want to be a member of the “Aegis Juris” initially but gave in to peer pressure.

    “He didn’t want to join the fraternity. But after a while, as they pressured him, he gave in. Because they told him that there was no hazing. Only initiation rites,” Castillo Jr. said.

    He said that his son told him that he was just asked by the fraternity to do menial work like cleaning and mopping as part of the initiation rites. On Friday, he said that his son told him that the initiation was over.

    “My son told me that he would be inducted as a member overnight. He said he’d be back on Sunday morning,” Horacio Jr. said.

    The older Horacio said that on Sunday, there were no texts and calls from his son. He said that he and his wife tried calling him but that his phone was off.

    He said that his son used to call his mom everyday.

    Horacio Jr. said he was not able to report the incident to the UST Law administration, because Nilo Divina, the dean of the law school, was a member of the fraternity.

    “We saw the body. It was full of hematoma. We saw burn marks, cigarette marks. It was bloated. It was burned by candles,” Horacio Jr. said as he recalled seeing the body of his son.

    Horacio Jr. said he tried calling the recruiters of the fraternity, but to no avail.

    “We tried calling them because we have a pamphlet of Aegis. We started to call, call, call. Aegis didn’t reply,” Horacio Jr. said.

    Horacio 3rd was found early Sunday in Balut, Tondo by one John Paul Solano.

    He was brought to the Chinese General Hospital where he was declared dead on arrival.

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