Father, son hunted for stabbing teener dead


A 17-year-old was stabbed dead by a man and his son in Binondo, Manila, last Sunday. Police said an old grudge was the motive behind the killing.

Before the stabbing, at about 8:30 p.m., another son of the man, punched and whacked Jayson Empenado’s arm with a piece of plywood. The suspects Joel Trinidad Sr. and Joel Trinidad Jr. went to Empenado while he was peeling onions. Joel Jr. was carrying a plastic chair and dropped it at the foot of Empenado. As Empenado was touching his foot that had been injured, Joel Sr. stabbed Empenado in the neck. The victim tried to run away from the suspects but collapsed. Father and son casually walked away from the victim. Initial investigation by Police Officer 3 Marlon San Pedro showed that the victim sustained two stab wounds in the neck. Empenado was brought to Gat Andres Memorial Hospital where he died.


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