The new Greenwich Pizzeria exudes a modern yet homey ambience

The new Greenwich Pizzeria exudes a modern yet homey ambience

From a plain-looking fast food chain, Greenwich is in the process of getting a stylish makeover as the brand transforms its stores into neighborhood pizzerias with a retro and modern feel. With this, the popular hangout of barkadas and families is sure to become not just a destination for delicious food but for a visual treat as well.

Greenwich finally unveiled its first renovated branch located at the SM North Edsa in Quezon City, which will serve as the prototype of the chain’s branches nationwide.

“For more than three decades, Greenwich has established itself as a place where delightful moments are made. Whether it is a weekend with friends, a power-lunch with colleagues, or a satisfying treat for the whole family, it has become a home for bonding over the best-tasting pizzas and pastas,” shared retail marketing officer Marivel Villanueva with The Manila Times during the store opening.

Aware of its place in Filipino dining habits, the company decided it was high time to assume a new store concept that will provide its patrons a “leveled up” experience to borrow from one of its advertising campaigns.

Villanueva explained, “For the longest time, we keep on improving and upgrading our store look because we want our customers to experience something new and something better. Though our customers are enjoying our current store concept, we felt that there was something missing.”

After an in-depth research backed by customer surveys, Greenwich finally identified what they needed. Villanueva revealed, “The development of the new store concept is the result of a realization that we are a pizza and pasta place yet we don’t look like one.”

Conceptualizing the best ambiance for the brand, Villanueva said that they came up with something that is “modern but still very homey.”

This in mind, the company employed the services of W Lopez Designs and Space Encounters known for an industrial style that is mixed with classic touches.

“The store design is a combination of mid-century and industrial style. The use of familiar pizzeria elements like wood and bricks bring out that familiar neighborhood and homey feel. The industrial touch, like the bare lamps and ceiling, provide the modern elements,” shared Wilmer Lopez of W Lopez.

To make sure that the interiors were not too generic for a pizzeria, Thor Balanon of Space Encounters developed a unique kind of branding.

“Pizzerias worldwide have generic elements, but what sets Greenwich from all the others is that we use the brand’s colors in the interior for branding. We integrated the Greenwich personality of being young, fun, hip and trendy but at the same time approachable—making the interior and the brand inseparable,” Balanon explained.

Examples of these accents are the colorful graphics with cheesy lines and colloquial phrases that add to the quirkiness of the restaurant.

Other features that make up the new Greenwich Pizzeria include a lounge, a main dining area, a balcony, a banquet and an enclosed dining space to serve differing dining needs.

The seating also varies from couches to booths, tables, and longer spaces complete with bar stools for an authentic pizzeria experience.

“The first Greenwich Pizzeria has been adopted by the SM North EDSA store and will roll out soon for other Greenwich stores. Our aim is to make Greenwich Pizzeria a perfect gathering place for every kind of barkada,” ended Villanueva.


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