FBI undercover drama in ‘Graceland’


Summer may be over, but JackCITY’s newest drama Graceland is about to heat things up with TV’s newest eye candy. Graceland introduces us to fresh faced FBI agent Mike Warren (Aaron Tveit, Les Miserables) who after graduating top of his class thought he would be assigned to take up a prestigious post at Washington, D.C. However, due to an agent being shot during an undercover drug deal, he is reassigned to Graceland—a South California beachfront property seized from drug lords with a penchant for Elvis that now plays home to undercover agents from the FBI, DEA (Drug Enforcement Administration) and Customs.

Nothing could have prepared this young rookie for his new home or his new training officer, Senior FBI Agent Paul Briggs (Daniel Sunjata, Rescue Me). A legend at the academy, Briggs is one of the few graduates that Mike didn’t outscore on his practical exams. But years in the field have changed the once conservative Briggs, as the man Mike meets is not a play-by-the-book kind of guy. As Mike tries to adapt to Briggs’ anarchic ways, he soon learns that not everything about his assignment to Graceland is as it seems.

Graceland also stars Manny Montana as FBI Agent Joe Tuturro; Brandon Jay McLaren as Customs agent Dale Jakes; Vanessa Ferlito as FBI Agent Catherine Lopez; and Serinda Swan as DEA Agent Paige Arkin.

Graceland premieres July 16 at 9 p.m. on cable via Jackcity (Beam 31, SkyCable 72, Cable 40, and Cignal 22).


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