Fear and respect make the magic combination for effective leadership


“The only thing to fear is fear itself.”
– President Franklin Delano Roosevelt

MOST people of this country are afraid of the many things that PDU30 says. This is the reason why he is effective in making his boys kill with impunity supposed illegal drug pushers and users. In trying to solve a grave problem, his boys have created a graver problem – murders which are heinous crimes under our laws. In a democracy such as ours encouraging murders is a crime by itself – murder because the inducer under the Revised Penal Code is a principal by inducement. Since PDU30 is the obvious and indisputable inducer in all these murders, which have yet to be established though in our courts of law, he is guilty as murderer by inducement

Examining cursorily the media reports about these killing incidents, it is almost certain that more than fifty percent of these killings are simple cases of murders. Any fool of a lawyer should know that. Even a serious student of criminal law knows that. The excuses given by the erring law enforcers are not only insane; they are stupid. These killers should be confined twelve feet below the ground because they are criminals and they constitute very serious threats to the life and limb of everyone.

I know that PDU30 is very brave man and he gives the impression that he is. Being brave, he appears to be uncaring about what will happen to him as long as he achieves his objectives – kill the poor illegal drug pushers and users, and at some curious times, illegal drug dealers. Probably he is uncaring because he is old and appears sickly, and time, sooner than later, will take care of him. So, why the heck should he really care?

A leader must not only be feared, he must be respected

PDU30 does not have to be told that to be an effective leader he must not only be feared, he must also be respected. He should know that. He has been city mayor for so long that it is foolish for anyone to conclude that he does not know it. But at the rate his boys are going on a killing rampage and encouraged by him, before long, he will lose the respect even of his admirers and never earn the respect of the rest of the people. His reply might be that he does not care. But he should because more than sixteen million voters voted him into office and with them, the members of their families.

That is a heavy responsibility of a leader. Their hopes are pinned on you for a better life. What do they get in return for their vote and faith in you? Death and destruction is what they get because your mindless law enforcing killers think that they can do anything because they have your encouragement and support, and, therefore, they can go scot-free with murders – and the numbers have reached more than four hundred and increasing with every passing day.

This is wrong, absolutely wrong, Mr. President!

I heard you, Mr. President, say that you believe in God. I saw you kneel before Catholic cardinals and bishops and kiss their hands; it is well publicized that Bishop Quiboloy, who claims to be the son of God, is your friend and confederate. Did your Church and these religious potentates not tell you that one of the most pivotal commandments of their churches or religions is – “Thou shall not kill!” Or, have you forgotten that already.
You said that you got educated in Catholic schools – Ateneo de Davao and San Beda College. Did the teachers in these schools not tell you about this fundamental principle and value that the human being is inviolable because he is created after God’s image? I met your father, Governor Vicente Duterte, once when we were campaigning for the nomination of Vice-President Emmanuel Neri “Maning” Pelaez to be the presidential candidate of the Nacionalista Party for the elections in 1995. He was one of the finest gentleman politicians I have known then. He got praises from his peers, including Maning Pelaez. I heard about your mother, Manang Choleng, because she was talked about in higher circles in Cagayan de Oro City on what a great teacher she is and what a fine exemplary and religious lady she is. These I have heard from friends like Councilor Inday Laviña and her circle.

So what went wrong along the way – from being a lawyer who should know his fundamentals of constitutionalism and democracy to the city mayor’s office of Davao City and now as President? Something is wrong somewhere, Mr. President! In moments when you are alone in the Palace, when only God is with you because He is omnipresent, look at yourself in the mirror and ask yourself, “Who am I?” Maybe, you will get the mirror’s answer.

If you do not stop your boys, Mr. President, from doing these indiscriminate killings, I repeat, you will lose the respect of those who voted you into office and never earn the respect of the rest of our people. And when you don’t do that, you have lost all the chances to be a good leader and President, and the great potential of support of our people in a number of your good ideas.

Some of your good ideas, Mr. President

FEDERAL SYSTEM: There are a number of good ideas, Mr. President, which you have offered our people to better their lives. One of the excellent ones is to convert our unitary presidential system to a federal parliamentary system. As an archipelago with various tribal and cultural backgrounds, a federal parliamentary system is best for us as a people.

The change of system will erase decades of inequality and injustices in this country, orchestrated by the greedy and mindless politicians and oligarchs in Metro Manila and Luzon coupled with the cooperation and support of their co-conspirators from Visayas and Mindanao.

The federal system will promote equal opportunity for Filipinos, produce admirable competition among the states or regions in education, health and social and economic development and change the barnacled orientation that Manila knows everything. That Manila knows best is a false assumption. We proved this wrong when we were kids at the University of the Philippines, at different times, Elias Lopez a Bagobo from Davao province when it was still one province became the President of the UP student Council; Mamintal”Mike” Tamano, a Maranao from the one province of Lanao, as Preident of the UP Senior Council; and this writer as twice editor-in-chief of the Philippine Collegian, the official student publication of the University of the Philippines, based in the UP campus, Diliman, Quezon City, a Higaonon from Misamis Oriental..

Pagsabut man gud ni-ining mga taga Manila ug Luzon nga kita pulos sip-onon. Well, we bested them all and we showed we were as good, if not better than the rest
The federal system will systemize and rationalize national and regional governance freed from the unnecessary interference from Manila. It leads to cheaper expenses for government and lesser number of officials. It will develop regional or state natural resources for the greater good of their inhabitance. It will give all regions or states a chance of regional development, without any unnecessary interference from Manila. I will explain this more in specifics in my succeeding columns.

PARLIAMENTARY SYSTEM: It is responsive to the demands of the people in a democracy. The residents of the regions or states do not have to go to Manila, as thye have to now, to ventilate their grievances against the government and get immediate results.
The people do not have to wait for a fixed term to get rid of the government. All the people need is a vote of no-confidence in the Parliament to remove an irresponsible government in less than a week. Instead of having more than three hundred non-functioning and useless members of Congress, you can have a unicameral Parliament with three members each for every region or state. The maximum number of states in this country should be no more than seventeen and with three Members of Parliament in each state, you will only have fifty-one Members of Parliament – a more functional legislative assembly with no gridlock in Parliament and less expensive to maintain.

And the best answer to an effective leadership in the country is that in a presidential system any damn fool can be elected President while in a parliamentary system no fool can be elected Prime Minister. The reason for this is – the leader of parliament is primus inter pares – the first among equals, meaning he is the best of the crop. I will explain the mechanics of the kind of parliamentary system we must have as a complementary institution to the federal system in my succeeding columns.

Demolish the oligarchs

Another good idea that you have is when you said that oligarchs like presumptuous men as Roberto “Bobby” Ongpin and Manuel V “MVP” Pangilinan should be demolished. This is long in coming. All these oligarchs have exploited our people for so long that they should be put in their proper places. Exile them in tiny shark infested islands, make them vegetate and confiscate all their properties so they can learn how to be responsible human beings.

Oligarchs are pests in Philippine society. It is about time their influences are removed at the first possible opportunity. This is a step in the right direction.

Amend or revise the Constitution

Yes, it is about time this Constitution should be amended or revised. This is one of the worst in the history of constitution-making – it has the prolixity of a code; it has many useless caveats, like “as the law shall provide”; it has provisions which are honored by lack of observance. It is as lengthy as the much denounced early constitutions of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics and the Peoples’ Republic of China.

But it should never be amended or revised by Congress of the Philippines. This is the institution of the oligarchs, many of whom, if not most of them, are involved in notorious cases of graft and corruption, not to speak of their ignorance and incompetence. Moreover, these are the elites of the country, champions of the current useless system; promoters of political dynasties; a number of them protectors of the lords of illegal drugs and oppressive vested interests.

Your boys in this crooked Congress, like all congresses before, do not speak for the people. Many, if not all of them, were elected through “criminal elections” which were decided by the money and cheating game. Wake up, Mr. President. You know that, why should many criminals amend or revise the most important document that decides the destiny of our people.

Stop saying that a Constitutional Convention (ConCon) is too expensive! Nothing is too expensive that determines the destiny of our people. Now, you said that you prefer a constituent assembly (Con-Ass) because it involves less expense. You want a cheap process. I can tell you there is one that is cheapest – a constitution written by one person who does not even have to be paid to do it. I know one who can write a constitution better than any Con-Con or Con-Ass, in the same manner as that one historic and monumental documental as the American Declaration of Independence. It is written by that acknowledged genius, better than a group of geniuses, ever assembled in the White House – Thomas Jefferson – who became one of America’s Presidents.

There are more good ideas coming from your mouth, Mr. President, and I will expand on them in my next columns with the prayer that you stop now the killings of the poor illegal drug pushers and users. Otherwise, if you persist in this pernicious practice, the people may shout at you using the famous Cebu Visayan expletive which you used when you recently spoke before the wounded soldiers at the AFP Medical Center: “Lo’lo Mo!!!”


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  1. Those who bashed the no nonsense drive of the current administration to eradicate illegal drugs in our country must think twice and thank them at least someone is taking a lead to make our country to be great … this is my advice to you Mr. Patalinjug …. whoever you are my assumption is that you one of those personalities that can’t accept reality … time is changing Mr. Oligarch.

  2. How can you be so sure that the killings are all being done by the President’s men?Where’s the logic, Sir? When you clean house, all the cockroaches and rats will go on a rampage before you can eventually exterminate them.
    Remember the chinese drug pusher/lord that gave Mayor Bistek the insulting smile when he was apprehended? He showed no FEAR and RESPECT because he knows he can buy people and corrupt protectors. Wake up Mr Adaza, from your stupor.

  3. Remember, PDU30 promise for only 6 month to get rid of Drugs, so wait till 6 month. Why there are statistics related to drug user/pusher killings, whereas, there are no statistics on how many died on drug used and how many crimes committed by drug user. Compare these to see the complete pictures.

  4. Being a prosecutor, Duterte must have seen things that ordinary people like us do not see in our daily living. All the killings and dirt he saw it and he concluded that the justice system in this country does not work. That is why you see him very rude and insensitive. He is the product of the society that we live in. No compassion . Simple elimination is needed.

  5. No, on the contrary, he is gaining more respect and even from those who did not vote for him. All i can say is, if you cannot BPOTS (Be Part of the Solution)…just stay home, turn off your tv, radio, internet, sleep, wake up after 6 yrs…or go abroad, enjoy!

  6. Amnata Pundit on

    I don’t mind the government breaking the law if the drug lords and the oligarchs are at the receiving end of it, but you are against breaking the law if its the drug pushers who are the victims but you are in favor if the oligarchs are the ones whose rights will be disregarded. Why this seeming inconsistency?

  7. Leodegardo Pruna on

    PDU30 is running government the way of a true leader. The time in not the time to run government by the books but by sheer common sense and humane ways. The crisis, that has been made gigantic by drugs, corruption, and greed, have to be dealt with straightforward action and the most effective at the moment is to instill fear with understanding and self discipline by the leader. Fear (of the LORD) is the beginning of wisdom and slowly the actions taken by PDU30 is taking root. God save the Philippines. God bless the Philippines.

    • The Great Defiant on

      Some people are just lost in the woods, others are in the books and as distant as the universe.

    • You must either be 15 yr old kid or blind follower of Digong because you do not know what you are talking about. So gigantic that he has to murder poor people and give carpet treatment to tongressmen and senatongs, generals, killer policemen and soldiers. What planet do you come from?
      Grow up and start learning. You are nothing but an ignorant sob.

    • You sir, like many ignoramus like you, should read books, articles, papers, or if you have money, travel abroad and see for yourself. DIGONG’S WAY OF GETTING RID OF DRUGS BY KILLING WILL NOT WORK. As experienced by other countries, like Thailand, Colombia, Mexico. I pity ignorants like you. In the end your kind will be his victims. You will have no one to blame.

  8. Mr.Adaza, Sir I am glad, happy and appreciative now you heed the advise of your friends on line and your detractor from writing destructive comments about President Duterte to advise and sharing ideas to him. I cannot wait to read your next columns. You are right when you said that constitutional convention is preferred which also the first thing that Mr President said but he changes to con ass. PLease expound more on this issue and hopefully it will be heard. Thank you Sir and more power to you.

    • Leodegardo Pruna on

      The change of mind of PDU30 from Con-Con to Con-Ass was an intelligent, practical, economical, and taking to heart the welfare of the people. Money saved could be aligned to address the health, education, and national security. The people would be the final arbiter as the matter would have to be cleared by way of ratification by the people. God bless the Philippines.

  9. Aphetsky Lasa on

    “There are more good ideas coming from your mouth, Mr. President, and I will expand on them in my next columns with the prayer that you stop now the killings of the poor illegal drug pushers and users. Otherwise, if you persist in this pernicious practice, the people may shout at you using the famous Cebu Visayan expletive which you used when you recently spoke before the wounded soldiers at the AFP Medical Center: “Lo’lo Mo!!!”

    Really? The only people crying foul about this “killings of the poor illegal drug pushers ad users” are the human rights advocates who are biased towards the drug lords/dealers, whose illicit trade causes innocent victims untold sufferings; the families of the dead drug suspects, who are most likely active participants themselves in drug dealing, deeply regretful for their only means of livelihood being interrupted and cut short, the melodramatic dramatic shows that ensue that clearly attempt to gather public sympathy for the purpose of absolving them from their crime; the media with their customary smear campaigns against the Duterte Administration playing upon the weak and gullible ready to swallow lies hook line and sinker.

    That Cebu Visayan expletive “Lo’lo Mo!!!” will not happen. Not from the 16 million followers (and counting despite that election was over) who put their trust in the President when they elected him, but from the yellow cult because they abhor change and prefer to adhere to the status quo because it favors them.

    No amount of smear campaigns will convince the people to question the sincerity of a President who makes it the corner stone of his Presidency his indisputable love for his country and the people. Do you love the Philippines and the Filipino people, Mr. Adaza? Would you stake your life and your honor for them?

    By the way , Mr. Adaza, if you were the President, what would you do to fight illegal drugs in the Philippines, whose proliferation has reached beyond imagination?

    • I know of many people who voted for Duterte who are now regretting because of this practice of killer policemen who are killing without using their heads because of the instructions of an experienced killer that is Duterte.

  10. Jose A. Oliveros on

    “Any fool of a lawyer” or even an ordinary law student of criminal law, knows that newspaper reports are not evidence that President Duterte has induced law-enforcement authorities to kill suspected criminals. “Any fool of a lawyer” and even an ordinary student of the subject evidence knows that newspaper reports are hearsay evidence and, therefore, not admissible in court even if not objected to. The only instance I know when newspaper reports were relied upon by no less than the Supreme Court is the case of Estrada v. Arroyo where then Associate Justice Reynato Puno used the so-called Angara diaries published in the Philippine Daily Inquirer and the Philippine Star as “windows” to Erap’s decision to resign from the presidency.

    Whether President Duterte should be feared and respected, Machiavelli has this advice: “It is better for a prince (that is a ruler) to be feared than loved because he will be loved out of fear but he will never be feared out of love.”

    • Are you a lawyer, Mr. Oliveros? You are talking nonsense. Please attend a seminar in English and go back to first year law, if you are a lawyer.

  11. Mariano Patalinjug on

    Yonkers,New York
    05 August 2016

    A demagogic and tyrannical President Rodrigo Duterte has let loose on the nation the National Police whose members he has converted into a gang of extra-judicial killers who may soon kill enough suspected drug lords, drug pushers and even drug addicts for the country to be called a “Killing Field.”

    This is a clear case of a President who has completely lost all sense not only of decency as a human being, but as the Leader of a nation who ought to be the first to honor and obey the Constitution and its Bill of Rights which protect the people from abuse by their Government.

    In my opinion, the Constitution and the Bill of Rights do not tolerate let alone sanction the extra-judicial killing of suspected criminals. Under the Rule of Law, suspected criminals are to be arrested, then charged in a court of law for the crimes they are supposed to have committed. They have the right to counsel, and are assumed to be innocent until ;proven guilty beyond a shadow of a doubt.


    • Mr. Patalinhug, I admire your intelligence. You are so far away from the killings but you know the basics of democracy and sane human behavior.
      Do you remember what a senator from the USA once said during the time of President Marcos that the Philippines had sixty-five million cowards and one son of a bitch? If you do, RP today is a country of 100 million cowards and one son of a bitch.God save the Philippines!

    • Jaime Dela Cruz on

      “In my opinion, the Constitution and the Bill of Rights do not tolerate let alone sanction the extra-judicial killing of suspected criminals. Under the Rule of Law, suspected criminals are to be arrested, then charged in a court of law for the crimes they are supposed to have committed. They have the right to counsel, and are assumed to be innocent until ;proven guilty beyond a shadow of a doubt.”

      This rule of law you mentioned is exactly what got us in this mess. Cory, Fidel, Erap, Gloria and the most recent, Noynoying stayed within the supposedly “legal confines” and accomplished nothing. The crime even proliferated under Pnoy and the “pitbull kuno” Delima. Knowin ghat this didn’t work, what do you suppose the president should do. In you opinion, as you say it, what is the better approach to win this war on drugs.

  12. When there’s fire, the fire department response depends on the gravity of fire or number or ‘alarms’. If only a trash can can is burning, you do not bring all the firetrucks to the scene. Drug infestation in the Philippines has already reached about 97% of the barangays or has already reached a 4-alarm level if it’s fire. You cannot put out a 4-alarm fire by using ‘tabo’ or balde.
    Giving the “shoot-to-kill” order to the police in pursuit of their duty is not illegal in the Philippines because it is an inherent right of a person to self defense if his life is in danger. More so if you are a police officer on the beat. The president is well within his authority ‘reminding’ the policemen- be proactive; use your head or dot wait until you’re hit!

  13. Homo,

    “The fear of the LORD is the beginning of wisdom; all who follow his precepts have good understanding. To him belongs eternal praise”.

    FEAR IS USEFUL…..to enlighten the mind of the hopeless

  14. Tirso Villanueva on

    Hail to sir Adaza! thank you sir for your concern… i hope more writers will rise against this killings.. Life is a gift from God and it is sacred. To the Government respect life…
    don’t kill those destitute, kill those bigtime druglord.

  15. “So what went wrong along the way – from being a lawyer who should know his fundamentals of constitutionalism and democracy to the city mayor’s office of Davao City and now as President?”

    Duterte became wise and learned that you have to resort to extra-judicial killings to achieve peace and justice.

    • Getting wise? You don’t know what you are talking about. To achieve noble goals, you have to resort to murders and murdering the poor so you achieve peace and justice? You don’t need criminals to kill criminals. That is not only injustice, that is stupidity. Under the law, you follow rules so you don’t end up being a criminal.