• Fear of rampaging policemen grows


    Philippine police allegedly abducting, framing, extorting and murdering people have raised fears of rogue policemen going on the rampage under the cover of President Rodrigo Duterte’s deadly drug war, critics and some of his supporters say.

    Revelations last week a South Korean businessman was strangled to death inside the national police headquarters after being kidnapped by anti-drugs officers looking to extort money from his wife have led to multiple other scandals being uncovered.

    They have fuelled concerns that the police force, already widely perceived as one of the nation’s most corrupt institutions, cannot be trusted to prosecute Duterte’s drug war.

    “It is hard for the all out war on illegal drugs to succeed because we have a problem with members of the police force taking advantage,” Senator Panfilo Lacson, an ex-national police chief and member of Duterte’s ruling coalition, said this week.

    “They know the president is mad at drugs, very passionate and ordinary policemen are carried away hearing him say he has signed their pardon and they will believe that.”

    Duterte has repeatedly promised to shield police from prosecution if they are charged with killing drug suspects as part of the crackdown, known locally as Tokhang.

    Police have reported killing more than 2,500 people they have accused of being drug suspects, while nearly 4,000 others have died in unexplained circumstances. Often bodies are left on streets with signs branding them drug addicts or traffickers.

    The crackdown is fulfilling a campaign pledge that underpinned Duterte’s election win last year — that he would eradicate drugs in society by killing tens of thousands of people.

    As president he has expanded on that vow, saying he would be “happy to slaughter” three million drug addicts to save the Philippines from becoming a narco state.

    His campaign has proved popular for many Filipinos hoping to see a quick solution to the intractable problem of crime.

    But an admission by the national police chief last week that a South Korean businessman was murdered by members of his Anti-Illegal Drugs Group confirmed critics’ fears about rogue officers taking advantage of the drug war.

    The businessman, Jee Ick-joo, was abducted from his home in October last year then brought to the national police headquarters where he was strangled to death in a car close to the police chief’s residence, according to an official investigation.

    His wife paid the kidnappers a ransom of five million pesos ($100,000), only becoming aware this month that he had been murdered on the day of his abduction.

    The killing in the police headquarters, officially named Came Crame, has led critics to dub it “Camp Crime.”
    Soon after the case was made public, authorities revealed that other policemen robbed and extorted money from three South Korean golfers in December last year.


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    1. The Philippines Govt. as a whole is truly expert in MALFEASANCE, they love darkness than light. This is a very “WICKED & HOPELESS” nation.

    2. If you want to stop these atrocities—remove the incumbent and replace him with an evil one then these lawless ones will be appeased. Lawlessness will proliferate and every evil being will enjoy it. Nobody will come to notice or simply ignore it because everybody is at it and enjoying his evil doing.

      The replacement as I said should be the opposite , a good samaritan to evil.
      In this way , the lawless will stop to kill because they feel propitiated. Unlike these days , they are so angry with the incumbent because he is their enemy , and so they kill!

      The whole world is under the power of the evil one , but it escapes their comprehension. However if you declare a war against that evil one , then his devils all over the world shall begin to murder.

      This is what is happening now in the Philippines. The president in power hates the lawless criminals the reason why they kill in revenge. And they will mount crime after crime because of their hatred toward the leader.

      Maybe it never entered your mind—the president is feigning murder so as to fool the murderers. The more they come out murdering because the president appears to enjoy the killings. And so they give it to him. Likewise , they themselves enjoy their evil doings because their most-hated enemy , willingly absorbs the blame.

      That is the riddle of the so-called “mutual slaughter” taught by The Lord in Psalms 34:21 which said : EVIL SHALL SLAY THE WICKED , AND THEY THAT HATE THE RIGHTEOUS SHALL BE DESOLATE.

      If you know this secret Wisdom , you will not condemned the president because his hands are totally clean. What he did is only to insinuate using this secret weapon of The Lord , then voila! The lawless criminals begun their mutual slaughter.

      If you want to understand this secret more fully , study the biblical David. I will not elaborate , I will leave it to everybody. Comprehend Wisdom , and it shall not fail you.