Federal system to create 14 states – Duterte


THE federal system being pushed by Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte will create 14 states, which is equivalent to the regional groupings at present.

In his speech at the Lyceum University of the Philippines on Tuesday, Duterte reiterated the urgent need to adopt a federal system of government, noting that local governments receive very little financial share from the national government.

“It’s hard to achieve economic progress under a unitary government, which is what we have now. We have no authority to decide concerning our own budget. How can we move forward under the [current]set-up, when all the money must be forwarded to the national treasury, in the hands of the national treasurer?” he said.

Duterte was guest speaker during the university’s 63rd foundation anniversary and 124th birth anniversary of its founder, Dr. Jose P. Laurel.

The mayor said the current system has more disadvantages because all the income and revenues, except from property tax, need to be turned over to the national government.

“I am batting for federalism because under this set-up, we can easily provide jobs for our constituents as we have full authority [over]our own income,” Duterte explained.

He said under the unitary system, “every centavo, all of the funds are there. It’s only the national government that can handle the money for all of us.”

Duterte cited the case of Mindanao, which contributes about 54 percent to the country’s dollar earnings yet the region does not receive enough support from the government.

“We have to change this system,” he said.

According to the mayor, the Americans perpetuated the unitary type of government.

“Then they helped us frame our own Constitution during the time of President Manuel L. Quezon similar to theirs. The Americans made us adopt the same unitary type of government that was imposed by the Spaniards on us but different from that of the United States, which has a federal form of government,” he said.

“The US knew how difficult it is to deal with two sets of powerful sectors under the federal set-up, the federal government and state or regional governors. But under the unitary mode, they only need to deal with one or two figures and their franchises are already approved,” Duterte added.

He said the creation of federal states, especially for the Muslims who have been clamoring for self-governance, is the best option for the Bangsamoro Juridical Entity, which will be created with passage of the Bangsamoro Basic Law in Congress.


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  1. Joseph Juantas on

    Yes, the filipino should understand the beneftis of federalism. Only the oligarchs mostly Big corporation syphoning the money from the provinces like Iloilo with so many ofw and declared their consolidated income in manila, like SM in PASay or makati, where the brgy captains are enjoying monthly salary of more or less 20 thousand or more. lets change the system, and get rid of the centralized economy, where the ROMAN CATHOLIC CHURCH are just enjoying and lobbying, enterfering the affairs of the govt to PROTECT their BILLION OF INVESTMENTS in Big corporation in manila,which also co partnered with some politicians. PA SIP SIP SA VATICAN.. KON MAY BAGYO WALANG NAMANG ITULONG YUNG VATICAN NA YAN… MABUTI PA ANG TAIWAN OR KOREA..THE archedioce of Jaro has Billions of investments in big corporation. while they cannot even give funds to restore old churches in panay… but it comes from dept of tourism or DAP etc etc in millions of pesos for restoring heritage churches.. at the expense of the PooR FILIPINO people.

  2. All my clans in Samar Leyte have seen a credible person can lead the country today, no other than, only Mayor Duterte. He was the first government official he came to Tacloban and Samar to help us all victims during that terrible typhoon.

  3. Everybody knows that current government are corrupt that includes the president and vice president the congress and senate. A new form of government and leaders are needed. A revolutionary government should find and place the corrupt officials to justice their stolen properties and wealth should go back to the people’s treasury and replace the current constitution that makes dealings with public works contract easily manipulated by whoever is in power. I think Duterte has the balls to make a change. He is unforgiving and he will definitely eliminate the corrupt politicians and government officials. No padrino or padrina.

  4. yes for federalism and change the name Philippines to a more native name. present name came from king phillip of spain making look like we are still his slaves.

  5. Eliseo Jr. P.Tenza on

    Our Political leaders are always saying that we can not be like Singapore because Singapore is small compared with the Philippines. By making our Government system a Federal system it reduces the areas that is manage by the leader of the Federal State. We are for Federalization, we can call it the United Provinces of the Philippines.The Constitution will have to change and a discussion and studies for a charter change should start now so that this can be the Platform in the coming election.

  6. First abolish autonomous regions,scrap that bullshit BBL all Pilipinos should be treated egual,disarm all armed groups by peaceful means or by force,need a stronger law against corruptions,get rid of this recycled politicians,example Duterte from mayor to vice mayor then mayor again then vice mayor again then back to mayor again,change from mayor to king Duterte of Kingdom of Davao what do you guys think better than federalism.new name for the country united kingdom of the Philippines.Corruption is the main problem and if the dirty trapos keep coming back running the country no matter what form of government it will not change.

  7. Agueda Kahabagan on

    Yes to Federalism! We have tried and tested and failed again and again with the current set up. Federalism makes a lot of sense. Duterte, you are the man!

  8. the federal system of government makes sense -to enable other patriots and persons with leadership qualities and vision (but with less resources) to shine and show their mettle. there is less opportunity for the rich & powerful to perpetuate their hold on to their positions and each region will be equally represented in the government.

  9. Forget the Federal Form of government. It’s not suitable for us. What will happen is you create 14 dictators to completely stipple the people’s liberty.

    • kung ayaw mo ng bagong systema at pamamalakad sa pamahalaan, then you have to stay with your existing corrupt style of government, na walang pagbabago at maslalong nababaon sa kahirapan ang bawat filipino.

    • filty manila will be slowly left behind for sure with this setup, considering that all corrupt politicians, criminals, etc are around this place.

  10. We have to support the move for federalism, based on geographical integrity, and not on ethnical nor secular point of view. Visayas can not claim its areas do not have the comparative advantage over Luzon or Mindanao locations, because it has its own strenghts. People on these Federal States can then have their own products and services – with freedom to sell or consume on their own – and not only based on dictates by a central government nor Congress nor Senate.

    • Cristy, under the present form of government, your region is properly represented. It’s the corruption that stops all kind of progress in our country.


    • Duterte is a tyrant. Don’t go for him. He is responsible for the death of so many suspects. Even suspects has their rights under our Constitution. Summary killings done by Duterte is unacceptable.

  12. I do not think that the 15 regional adminstrative groupings of today (except ARMM which is a political entity) must be the groupings for federal states, if federalism will push through. It is not about the proximity of local political subdivisions to one another that is paramount in the creation of a federal state.. It must the state of development (social and economic, or economic at the minimum). Federalism that is founded on common culture, history or religion does not work. Otherwise, you will end up with federal states that are dependent on the central government in order to survive.

  13. Parliamentary form of government! Prime minister Benigno Aquino 3rd at lahat ng DAP recipient ay minister ni Aquino,!!
    Cha-Cha ang kailangan,mukhang nakaplano na at si duterte ang front!! Di kaya, sana hindi, pero parang niluluto na para walang tumutol!-