Federalism will propel regional growth – Duterte


Angeles City, Pampanga: Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte said the shift from a highly centralized governance to a Federal Parliamentary system will spur the development of regional economic zones such as the Clark and Subic Economic Zones.

Speaking before businessmen and locators operating business facilities in the Clark Economic Zone, Duterte said a Federal system of government in the Philippines will allow regional growth areas like Clark and Subic to “chart their own economic fate and destiny.”

The Davao City Mayor, who is conducting a “Listening Tour” to advocate a shift from a Unitary Presidential form of government to a Federal Parliamentary, said the “under-utilization” of the Clark International Airport and the Subic and Batangas Free Ports are “lost opportunities” resulting from a governance highly dependent on the “goodwill” of the Central Government.

Duterte said a Federal system of government will free vibrant investment areas from the stranglehold of stringent regulations imposed by a highly-centralized government.

“When I was a young Mayor of Davao City almost 22 years ago, one of Davao’s respected business leaders, Jesus V. Ayala, gave me advice which I have kept in my mind until today: ‘Take care of peace and order and let business take care of business’,” Duterte told the Pampanga and Angeles City business leaders.

“When government takes care of peace and order, it brings about a climate ideal for investments for we all know that peace and security and political stability are the assurances which businessmen would like to have before they pour in their money,” he said.

Duterte said freeing businessmen from stringent regulations imposed by national government agencies would also reduce incidents of corruption and extortion.

Citing the example of Davao City’s dealings with investors, Duterte said he has imposed a 72-hour processing time for all business transactions with the city government, especially the processing of business licenses and business permits.

Earlier, Duterte also spoke on federalism and good governance before students and faculty members of the Angeles University Foundation, where he was welcomed by AUF President Manny Angeles.


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