Federalist aspirant to get Duterte’s backing


DAVAO City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte on Tuesday said he will not seek the presidency in 2016 but is willing to endorse anyone who will embrace his advocacy for a shift to the federal system of government.

Interviewed over radio station dzMM, Duterte explained he is already past his prime and lacks the energy to keep pace with demands of the job as head of state and government.

“I’m almost 70, I don’t have the energy anymore. When I was a young mayor, I was only 43 but now I’m already 69. When I was young, I used to work 27 hours, not 24, just to realize my dreams, what I would like Davao to be. I don’t have the energy [now]’” he told radio anchorman Ted Failon.

“It would not be fair to the Filipino [people]actually because the President must be energetic, must be young. I don’t have that anymore,” Duterte said. “What will I do [if I become President]?”

According to him, he is already satisfied with his achievements as mayor of Davao City for 23 years and as congressman for one term.

He pointed out that there would be lots of other aspirants, and he will select the one who would support federalism and take a special look at Mindanao, which he described as a “battle field.”

“Let’s shift to federalism. The sitting President, whoever he or she may be, [Sen.] Miraiam [Defensor-Santiago], [Sen. Grace] Poe, or [Vice President Jejomar] Binay, they must embrace the idea of federalism,” Duterte said.

“I will support a [candidate for]President who advocates federalism and must embrace the theory with passion because if it is not in his or her heart, nothing will happen,” he added.


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  1. Federal Form of Government will not work for this country as Taxation will increase…one is for Federal Tax and one is for State Tax… no real changes be made instead more corruption will be in rampant disregard. Changes that will lead to progress should start from the TOP…no Autonomous Regions..no BBL…should be One Nation, One People, One Law…. disarmament is a must for a common goal. However Filipinos in general are lacking in discipline, unity and corrupt….and that’s the real problem that we will continue to face no matter what type of government we form..unless there will be a reformed individual mindset and dedication..we are doomed…just my 2 cents

    • jemelixgemang on

      Alam bo bang itong systima natin na unitary ay syang nag pa-lala sa kahirapan ng Pinas? Bigyan kita ng example…bakit ang ordinaryong Pinoy kapag makapasok sa isang mall ay bigla syang maging masonorin sa batas ng mall na hinde na sya magkalat o magtapon ng basura kahit saan2x kung nasa loob sya ng mall? pero kung nasa labas na sya ayan tapon na sya kahit saan2x, kung sa loob o sa labas sya, sya pa rin walang nagbago sa kanya, bakit kaya? ..kasi may SYSTIMA syang sinonod doon sa loob ng mall na alam nya na may mga guard na nakamasid doon. Kung sa gayon SYSTIMA pala ang kailangang baguhin sa Pinoy dito sa Pinas, kaya ang systimang bolok na unitary ay kailangan palitan ng bagong system at yan ay FEDERAL!

  2. It doesnt matter what form of government we have if we still got the same old crook politicians in the system then there will be no changes.We need a smaller and cleaner government ,abolish autonomous regions so only one authority,we need to disarm all armed groups rebels and private armies peacefully or by force and death penalty for plunder.What we need is a strong leader or the military to takeover and clean the government for a few years then election.

    • Changing the old corrupt style of government into a new form federal style of government is a one way that we can achieve improvement of our economy. Taxes will be equally distributed because it will only controlled by the provincial government. Corruption will be less and limited only upto the provincial level. There will be competition among cities thus will result in economy improvements. Population in Metro Manila will be reduced because jobs will be created in the province. I think this is good for us filipino if we want to stop the downturn of our economy.. For our present government now, i think there will be no chance to improve, if there is i think maybe in 50 years..

  3. Shifting our Unitary system of government to a Federal system should be studied very carefully considering that it would be wiser to stick to what we have and improve from it rather than plunge ourselves to another form of government. Federal forms are suited only in big and wide countries. Our country is only as big as the State of New York.Dividing our country will only encourage partitioning into many separate entities. Our local government of provinces and municipalities with their Barangays can be improved for the good of the people.Federalizm is a divisive form which must not be subtituted with what can unify us.

    • There are small country adapting this kind of governments. One example is UAE. they are small country but they are rich. Dubai has no oil but they are very rich they even have no taxes.. Ang kita ng Dubai sa tourism ay sa kanila lang at pinapaikot lang nila, thus it created more jobs, infrastructures, realty’s, and very good transportation system. Ang taxi, bus lahat ng uri ng public transportation is own by Dubai government kaya mayaman sila. Therefore it’s not about how big is you city or small it’s about the system. There is also no corruption kasi pagmay corrupt mahahalata kaagad. Unlike sa present government natin sa dami ng mga leaders from national to barangay ay hindi mo mahahalata kaagad kung sino ang nagcocorupt.. This is only my point of view!

  4. Samuel Santos on

    Young? How young is Miriam, and how old is Binay? Si Poe, baka medyo-“bata” pa naman.