• Feeling betrayed by Aquino govt, MNLF forces gird for war


    HALF of the members of the Moro National Liberation Front (MNLF) are gearing up for clashes with the government over the Aquino administration’s failure to implement the peace agreement with the MNLF in 1996.

    The Selatan Kutawato State Revolutionary Committee (SKSRC), a faction of the MNLF based in Central Mindanao, said MNLF leaders are having a hard time restraining their members who resent the non-implementation of the pact.

    The MNLF is reported to have at least 70,000 members.

    Ustadz Pendi Colano, SKSRC overall chairman, said thousands of their forces have been agitating to declare their independence because they feel that President Benigno Aquino 3rd has turned his back on the MNLF agreement and is more interested in the peace deal the government is finalizing with the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF).

    Colano said MNLF Vice Chairman Jimmy Labawan has warned the Aquino government to heed the demand of the MNLF to fully implement the 1996 agreement because ignoring the group could lead to a bigger conflict in Mindanao.

    The SKSRC leader said Colano also expressed no guarantee that he could control their commanders and their men should they decide to declare war on the government. The MNLF believes that Aquino should have first made sure that the 1996 pact was implemented before forging another deal with the MILF.

    The group also rejected proposals to merge the two agreements.

    “President Aquino’s intent to integrate the 1996 agreement with the MILF Bangsamoro Framework Agreement [BAF] is to show that he [Aquino] did not violate the peace deal with the MNLF,” Colano said.

    The restiveness in the MNLF surfaced at the series of consultative assemblies in Central and Southern Mindanao. In those meetings, MNLF members said they are ready to declare independence and take up arms against the government.

    “Some MNLF senior leaders in the central committee are advising the MNLF commanders on the ground to keep calm but we sensed it would be of no use because if Aquino fails [to implement]the 1996 peace agreement and the MILF Bangsamoro Framework Agreement [is enforced]then these MNLF will engage in a wider war against the present administration,” Colano said.

    Talks derailed

    Presidential Adviser on the Peace Process Teresita Deles on Sunday denied the government was scrapping the 1996 agreement and blamed MNLF Chairman Nur Misuari for derailing the three-way talks between the MNLF, government and the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC).

    Deles said it was the Misuari faction that sabotaged the talks when they attacked Zamboanga City last year.

    She said it was now up to the OIC “to convene the parties as we have officially and repeatedly requested them to do in accordance with the OIC resolution issued last December.”


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    1. This is really the result of the Philippine Government’s betrayal of the Final and Comprehensive Peace Agreement signed by the MNLF under Nur Misuari and the Philippine Government under Fidel Ramos in 1996 and years before that other agreements signed in Tripoli and Indonesia.
      The MNLF decided to lay down their arms but the breakaway group of MUslim fundamentalists formed the MILF and rose against the Philippine Government. Without seeing to that all the terms of the peace agreement with the MNLF were fulfilled, the Philippine Government under GM Arroyo and Benigno Cojuangco Aquino pursue anoher peace agreement with the MILF. That agreement creates a treasonous Bangsamoro State and places all Filipino Muslims–including MNLF people who hate the guts of the MILF leaders –under the MILF.
      Now Mindanao will become, with the support of President BS Aquino, a Malaysian protectorate!
      Don’t forget that Sabah was treacherously made a Malaysian state, with British and US help, so that the Malay Peninsula plus Sarawak and Sabah could become a bulwark of anti-Communism and Western commercil interests.
      They did this ignoring the human including the political rights of Kadazan and Dayak Sabahans and Filipinos, Muslims and Christians alike, in Sabah.
      The President’s father, the late Senator Benigno Aquino, was an ardent supporter of Western schemes to create Malaysia–at the expenses of the Filipino Sabahans and their allies the Kadazans and the Dayaks.

    2. sam lloyd pascual on

      kaya nga nabuo ang ARMM na yan pano sasabihin na d naimplement, kinurakot lang ang pondo, gusto kasi lahat nasa posisyon para makapagnakaw, ang gobyerno pa ang tatakutin sa gyera pag binomba naman takbuhan magtatago sa mga civilian! ugali ng mga tao na to mag walang pinag aralan!!!

    3. MNLF has weakened its forces, by displaying their firepower and capture of the best MNLF commander like Malik they are no longer threat to these Government. But the government must make a bold move to identify forces belonging to Nur as these are the forces that will certainly cannot stomach defeat, surely no more Islamic countries will help these comrades as it antagonize Malaysia, and also Saudi help the Philippine government in rehabilitating Zamboanga. No interested party or country to help them since to already failed and bungled the 1996 peace pact. So their sour graping to MILF? . What new nothing.