• A fellow citizen and taxpayer of the Philippines


    APRIL 09, 2017

    Dear Sir:
    My name is Liz Belle Marie Yap, a citizen and a taxpayer of the Philippines. I am writing in response to your news article dated September 15, 2015 (http://www.manilatimes.net/cauayan-trader-faces-tax-raps/219241/). It’s been almost two years since you posted that article, yet justice has not been served to the rightful party. To get facts straight, my uncle, Mr. Joselito Yap, owned a business under his proprietorship. The name of the business was JAPI Enterprises. I say owned, because it has already been shut down. I would like you to know that you have been used by the BIR to launch a propaganda against Jowelles Auto Parts Incorporated, the company that you mentioned in your news article. Mr. Yap may be a stockholder of the corporation and the CEO as well, however all the details that you pointed out in your article clearly showed that you are referring to my uncle’s personal case and not the corporation’s. This is not the first time that BIR RDO 15 sought the help of the media to discredit Jowelles Auto Parts Inc. to show other taxpayers in the region that everyone is better off paying “SOPs” than fighting for the truth and exposing these corrupt BIR employees. The media was where we always knew of the BIR’s next step against us, because it seemed that they were so diligent in reporting their every move even before we receive official notices from the DOJ. I would go into full detail on the harassment that our family had endured and still enduring from BIR employees under the supervision of the following: Kim Henares, Nelson M. Aspe, Marina de Guzman, Cornelio Dela Pena, Jose Eric Furia, Salvador Lasala, instead I am sending you this letter recently sent by my cousin to Comm. Dulay of the BIR.

    To tell you the truth, my family has lost faith in the media due to numerous accusations and false reports made against my uncle as well as the corporation by known media networks especially ABSCBN. Yes, my uncle and the corporation had been ridiculed in nationwide TV. Personally, I only read news articles and editorials from a few local news websites including yours thus I was surprised when my cousin sent me this article a week ago. We have known that ABSCBN posted a similar article, but we never read this one that you reported. What’s funny was that whenever we searched the Internet before, it’s always the news article from ABSCBN that would come up but now it’s nowhere to be found and yours is the top search that we can see. My family is a discreet supporter of PRRD and basing on your posts, you do not get swayed by false reports being thrown at PRRD’s leadership. On behalf of my family and our belief that you are the only media agency that resonates the truth, I am asking your help to take down that erroneous news article. It may be years ago, but seeing it reminds us of how we fought and are still fighting a war that’s been decided even before the battle could begin. If you need more details on our experience with the BIR, please do not hesitate to contact my cousin. Her contact details are found at the bottom part of her letter. She is willing to share our experience and walk you through everything she remembered about how these BIR employees tried to solicit P10 million to end their probing of my uncle, the corporation, and other affiliate businesses. A lot of businessmen in the country find it tedious and irrelevant to report and expose these selfish and heartless people who were in positions not because of their competency but because of their connections. Us, we are not scared. We may not have connections and the money to bribe them to stop, but we have been through enough that we are willing to use our resources to bring justice to local entrepreneurs who had done nothing wrong except to trust the system.

    Thank you for your time and I hope that you will not pull a Kim Henares on us and ignore this plea for help.

    Sincerely Yours,
    Liz Belle Marie Yap
    A fellow citizen and taxpayer of the Philippines
    Cauayan City, Isabela


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