Fellow Rizal Hi alums Paterno and Wilma Tiamzon


Benito Tiamzon and wife Wilma Austria­ Tiamzon are my fellow Rizal High alums. Both, I am told, were honor graduates (I wasn’t). I am proud of any fellow alum who puts him/herself where his/her mouth is, without counting the costs, for the sake of our unhappy Motherland. Rizal High taught principles.

He is seen as the incumbent chair of the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) while she is believed to be the second in command and head of the CPP’s National Finance Commission.

To Alex Padilla, the son of Sen. Paddy Padilla, Manila Standard Today Sunday (today March 23), attributes the assertion that the spouses had ousted CPP founder JoMa Sison. In Polka­Dot MABINI, in the 80’s, we saw Alex as Red or Pink. He is now the government’s chief negotiator with the CPP­NPA’s National Democratic Front.

Rizalians continue to excel, in and out of government. In my time in the Senate, 1987­92, Rizal Hi alums Jovy Salonga and Nep Gonzales awed uhugin [runny­nose] me. Original MABINI Chair Bobbit Sanchez would have been the fourth Rizal High but was cheated out by a nuisance bet surnamed Sanchez. Had Dante Santos of the Agrava Board and Philacor agreed to run, we would have been five Rizalians.

The next Senate should have Alex Padilla and either Tiamzon if we want a Senate of tested patriots as in our Celestial Past and arrest our descent into an Abysmal Present. If Jojobama will have his way, Pinabili ng Suka [Editor­­Sent to buy vinegar from the Mom n Pop] stalwart Top House Absentee Manny Pacquiao will pollute the 2016 Senate.

Manny Pacquiao should reform now, along with another perceived Unbeatable, Kris Aquino, for Kapakanang Pambayan, di Pansarile [The Public ­­ not the Self’s­­ Good].


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  1. jose b. taganahan on

    With due respect Manny Pacquiao is more deserving to be Senator than the likes of Lito Lapid or Bong Revilla. I am sure that if Pacquiao remains as world champion in 2016 or he retires as world champion just before the 2016 election, he wil surely win as Senator regardless of what party he is affiliated.

    • what qualify Paquiao to be a Senator where he cannot even perform as a congressman now, but then again you could be right, anybody is better what we have now.

  2. Andy R Samson on

    Convenient name tagging when any one expresses a pro-people or populist policy of promoting the the “greatest good of the greatest number”—Komunista or Leftist. Since when is promoting the common good a crime against humanity? Right of Center has always been “screw them any way we can” and they are called Conservatives.