Female TV personality covers up in shawl and shades on casino trysts



GUESS WHO? More conscious of her public image than ever, this female TV personality (FTVP) has discovered an ingenious way to avoid getting recognized every time she swoops down on her favorite casino.

Whence before the FTVP would pop out as she was—probably straight from her on-cam work—of late she would deliberately breeze through the gambling den incognito.

“Meron na siyang alampay (shawl) ngayon that she wraps around her neck, kulang na lang pati mukha niya, eh, takpan niya. What’s more, itsurang hindi naman pumapasok ang sikat ng araw sa loob ng casino, naka-shades siya nang pagkalaki-laki!” reveals our source.

She insists, however, that her “slot machine” days are over. When a colleague—himself a regular patron of the same casino—heard about the FTVP’s pronouncement, he couldn’t help but holler, “Anong over ang pinagsasasabi niya?! Eh, kelan lang nakita ko siya sa isang exclusive area doon, ‘no!”

* * *

KNOWN for speaking her mind, this actress-turned-beauty queen (ATBQ)—who was guest co-host of a talk show—did some “play time” on her ex-boyfriend-guest (EBFG).

On air, the ATBQ admitted to have taken offense at her EBFG’s gifting her a box of polvoron on one occasion. “Ever since talaga, you’re such a frugal person. Magbibigay ka rin lang ng polvoron, na-nine pieces lang! You should have made it a dozen!”

Seemingly humiliated, her EBFG countered: “Masarap naman ‘yun!” But the ATBQ wouldn’t buy his alibi, “Masarap pala, bakit hindi mo pa ginawang one dozen? Ang sabihin mo, kuripot ka talaga!”

Oh, look who’s talking? A classic case of a pot calling the kettle black.


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