• Feng Shui Market Forecast: How to prosper in 2014


    Dr. Andy Tan

    FOR the past two years, the Philippine economy has been growing above the 7-percent mark, but the third quarter gross domestic product (GDP) slightly declined from a 7.3-percent growth in the same quarter in 2012. According to government economists, the GDP growth forecast for 2014 is much lower at 6.5 percent to a high of 7.5 percent.

    For Michaelangelo Oyson, CEO and managing director of BPITrade, “2013 was an interesting year but I hope 2014 would be a lot better.”

    BPITrade, the online trading platform of BPI Securities Corporation, hosted the first Feng Shui Market Forecast with geomancer Andy Tan sharing his forecast this week.

    With almost 25 years of Feng Shui practice, Tan said the Philippine economy in general will have an even better year.

    A licensed physician and a real estate businessman, Tan tipped that it will be wise to invest in Southeast Asia.

    “The only place to put money is in Southeast Asia,” Tan reiterated. “If you have money, it is best to invest here in the Philippines.”

    From February to April 2014, he advised investment in bonds rather than the stock market.  He explained, “Everyone is waiting for the move of the US Federal Reserve, but I expect a rebound to start in May.” Tan also positively forecasted the Philippine Stock Exchange index (PSEi) to hit 6,500 to reach 7,000 by October.

    For those who are not knowledgeable about trading, yet are interested to invest, Tan advised that bonds are promising since they are long-term investments.  He cautioned however that if you are just an ordinary employee with little emergency funds, this kind of investment would be risky.

    He also suggested avoiding Indonesian bonds because “the country’s credit rating will be reverted and inflation will go up.”

    He warned the audience who were mostly BPI market traders, to avoid the Yen and Euro because Japan will hit a recession and Europe will continue to endure a financial crisis.

    “In my personal opinion, [the peso-dollar exchange rate]will be stable at P43 to P44 until April,” he said. “It will then drop to P42 to 43 in May. The businesses that will thrive for the year, he said, will be agriculture, publishing, properties, real estate, mining and technologies.

    He added that business process outsourcing or BPO will increase 6 to 7 percent this year with all the medical and legal transcription demands coming into the country.

    Moreover, the furniture business will be big in 2014 together with the restaurant sector. With regards to government, he advised to go through the public-private partnership program because he believes that if properly handled, it will be beneficial to both sides.


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