Feng shui, sans the horror

Mentally divide your desk top into nine equal squares, which corresponds to specific parts of your life

Mentally divide your desk top into nine equal squares, which corresponds to specific parts of your life

How to welcome luck positive energy to your home and office
This has nothing to do with Kris Aquino’s horror flick in the ongoing Metro Manila Film Festival. Instead, it has all to do with the actual custom of the Chinese art and science of harmonizing man with his surroundings.

Feng shui, as the 3,000-year-old system is called, is a popular practice that many Filipinos employ when building or buying homes; furnishing, renovating or reorganizing their abode; and even in arranging office layouts and paraphernalia. For, as generations of prosperous Chinese-Filipino families have tended to show, the ritual effectively brings luck to both personal lives and business.

And so, even as the turn of the Chinese New Year has yet to take place on February 19, many Filipinos are already on the look out for Feng Shui tips to start 2015 right.

With three days left to the New Year, The Manila Times has sought the help of experts to bring to readers who may want to give it a try some basic Feng Shui principles that supposedly dispel negative energy and attract the reverse.

Calling on the ‘chi’
According to geomancer Dr. AnTan, it is never too late to welcome good chi to your life, most especially in the place where you spend most of your time—at home. In order to attract this positive energy, some homeowners and a number of developers have relied on the practice of Feng Shui or geomancy for many years.

Dr. Tan for instance has long collaborated with Rockwell Land on several key projects including Joya Lofts and Towers, One Rockwell, and now the new Rockwell Primaries in New Manila, Quezon City, offering Feng Shui tips to help create a unique and exceptional living experience for homeowners.

“Feng Shui is the art of proper placement of the different parts of the household or office, to obtain the best environmental effects that will promote good health, harmonious relationships, and prosperity for the occupants,” he explained during Rockwell Primaries’ year-end event.

“Feng Shui starts with two key factors—location and direction. For the year of the Wooden Horse which we are still in, the most auspicious side is the southeast, where this property has been inaugurated.

An “auspicious side” according to Feng Shui also identifies a “productive site,” which is best remembered when choosing homes, and even in places of business.

In 2015, which based on the Chinese calendar come February 19 is the “Earth Ram in Wood Year,” the prosperous locations are to the north, the east and again, the southeast.

“Another important point is that for the bedroom, the foot of the bed must never face any doorway, including the bathroom, because they represent good energy leaving the room,” Dr. Tan continued. This principle is permanent no matter the year, as are the additional pointers from fengshui-doctrine.com.

Keep all areas of your house and garden free of clutter for easy chi-flowing.

Use wind chimes on the main doors of your house will distract the negative energy from entering the house.

Your bedroom should be as far as possible from the main door.

Always keep the toilet lid down while not in use. It stops the money from going down the drains.

Keep brooms, mops and trash bins out of sight. It is important for family’s well being.

Do it for your desk
If you’re an employee and have no power over the office layout or location, do you know that you can also practice Feng Shui principles on your desk? This is, after all, where your important decisions are written and made.

In an interview shared by 3M Philippines with another Feng Shui expert named Karen Rauch Carter, your desk can rob you of vital energy when not properly organized.

To begin with, the size of the desk is crucial. Big tasks need a big desk. If you have a small desk, you can’t multi-task. If your desk is bugging you, and you feel cluttered, it’s probably too small.

Desks should be organized and clutter free. Everything should have its own space—not just on your desktop but including the area around your desk which holds files, trays, drawers, and bins. Make sure at least 50 percent of your desktop is visible.

If you have a wall or a partition in front of you when you sit at your desk, change your location. Turn your desk around, and put the wall or partition behind you. Make sure you can see the door from where you’re sitting.

As for the specific areas on your desktop, first, mentally divide your desk top into nine equal squares. Each square corresponds to a part of your life as follows:

“Career” is the space right in front of you. The ruling element here is water and the color is black. So, if you have a glass top, slip a picture of a babbling brook or a river under the glass to signify that you are “in the flow” of life. If you have no glass top, tape the photo underneath that part of your desk. You don’t need to view the symbol for it to work.

The “Wisdom” is located at the bottom of the front left-hand square of your desk. Place books here, or anything that reminds you of higher knowledge or wise people. Place blue on this spot, even if it’s just a blue pencil or a blue Post-it note pad. This will help you to concentrate and make wise decisions.

The center left-hand side of the desk is reserved for “Family.” Place your family photos here in a wooden frame since wood is the element for this area. No matter what the year, remember that green is the color for this area for your family.

The left-hand rear square is the “Prosperity” area. Place your computer or other expensive looking items here. This area should remind you of wealth and riches, or something that makes you feel you are lucky or have many blessings.

The center square is the “Health” area space, which governs your physical health and balance. Tape a big, round yellow paper underneath this part or on it. Ruled by the earth element, you can place a decorative stone or a geode.

“Fame and Reputation” is located at the center back square of the desk. This should contain your business cards because this is the place to let people know who you are. Red is the best color for this area as fire is its element, so place something red here. A red candle, figurine or desk light would be just right.

“Relationship” is governed by the right-hand rear part of your desk, and should therefore be saved for your spouse, lover, or anyone who is in your intimate world. Enhance this area with pink and “love symbols” like hearts and lovebirds.

The mid right-hand side of the desk is for “Children and Creativity.” Put a photo of your kids in a metal frame here or any fun stuff like a Tweety Bird mug, a troll doll, or your pet in this area to boost your creativity.

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