Fernandez to sue Peping on ‘game-fixing’ comments


Philippine Sports Commission (PSC) Commissioner Ramon Fernandez is set to file a libel case against Philippine Olympic Committee (POC) President Jose Cojuangco Jr. for his game-fixing remarks on the former Philippine Basketball Association (PBA) great.

“My lawyers are now preparing to file a (libel) case against Cojuangco here in Cebu City,” Fernandez told The Manila Times in a phone interview on Tuesday. “I will give him the opportunity to prove his accusations in the proper forum which is the court.”

When asked if there’s any chance to reconsider his decision of filing the case, Fernandez said he would drop the case if Cojuangco retracts his statement, issues a public apology and resigns as POC president to give opportunity for young leaders to lead Philippine sports.

“He (Cojuangco) should do all these conditions, otherwise I will pursue this libel case.”

Cojuangco Jr., for his part, told The Times that he is ready to face Fernandez in the court.

“Go ahead, if that’s what he likes to do,” said Cojuangco Jr., adding that he won’t retract his statements on Fernandez’s alleged game-fixing role during his heydays in the PBA.

“I’ll be ready for any legal case,” Cojuangco added.

Fernandez, 63, is a known critic of the former Tarlac representative since he won his fourth consecutive term as POC president last year.


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