• Ferrer, Deles still enjoy President’s trust


    Malacañang on Thursday rejected calls for the resignation of Presidential Peace Adviser Teresita Quintos-Deles and Prof. Miriam Coronel-Ferrer, the head of the government peace panel in talks with the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF), as both still enjoy the full trust and confidence of President Benigno Aquino 3rd.

    Presidential Communications Secretary Herminio Coloma Jr., in a news briefing, explained that the President will not be swayed by allegations that the two officials were siding with the MILF in connection with the Mamasapano massacre last month.

    Earlier this week, Senate Majority Leader Alan Peter Cayetano called on Aquino to fire the government’s peace panel for supposedly defending the MILF despite the group’s involvement in the Mamasapano clash.

    Sen. Francis Escudero, meanwhile, also sought the peace negotiators’ resignation for supposedly speaking on behalf of the MILF instead of pushing the agenda of the government.

    But Palace deputy spokesman Abigail Valte said Deles and the peace panel members were not acting as MILF mouthpieces during Senate inquiries.

    On January 25, forty-four police commandos were killed in a firefight with the MILF and its supposedly breakaway group, the Bangsamoro Islamic Freedom Fighters (BIFF).

    Escudero said most of the provisions of the draft Bangsamoro Basic Law (BBL) seem to favor the MILF more instead of being fair to both sides, an indication that the members of the government peace panel failed to push for the interest of the government.

    “If they (peace panel members) don’t want to resign, they should start showing that they are with the government. The MILF can fight for themselves, and the government panel should fight and protect the interests of the government not the other way around,” he added.

    Senate President Franklin Drilon, however, objected to calls for members of the government peace panel to quit, noting that such calls will achieve nothing and will only derail the peace process.

    Drilon is appealing for a deeper public support and understanding of the role of the government peace panel in helping realize lasting and genuine peace in Mindanao.

    “While I fully understand and recognize the public’s high emotions following the Mamasapano tragedy, Secretary Teresita Deles and Prof. Miriam Coronel-Ferrer do not deserve to be maligned in such an unwarranted manner,” he said.


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    1. Juan Mabayan on

      Very amateurish negotiators:
      Reading the BBL, one gets the distinct impression that the team of Deles, Ferrer and PNoy is giving away the Philippines. An example is the section on “Share in Taxes”. Please read:

      “Section 10. Share in Taxes of the Central Government. – Central Government taxes, fees, and charges collected in the Bangsamoro, other than tariff and customs duties, shall be shared as follows:
      a. Twenty-five percent (25%) to the Central Government; and
      b. Seventy-five percent (75%) to the Bangsamoro, including the shares of the local government units.
      The aforementioned twenty-five percent (25%) share of the Central Government shall, for a period of ten (10) years, be retained by the Bangsamoro Government. The period for retention may be extended upon mutual agreement of the Central Government and the Bangsamoro Government.”

      Imagine that you now own something and somebody comes and tells you ” I’ll take that from you, but I think I’ll be generous and leave you 25%”. And you say thank you. Then he says “But I will keep your share for 10 years. You can not use it”. And you say thank you again. Then he says “After 10 years, we will talk about it, I may not want to give you anything”. You say thank you again and then put this agreement in writing.

      This is not a negotiation. These are terms of surrender. I have not seen such amateurish negotiation. Even a slave negotiating with his master will not sign this agreement.

      And they want Congress and the Senate to rubber stamp the BBL. Deles and Ferrer must be removed from the negotiating panel.


    2. @!#$%&!@!!! nio Ferrer, Deles! we know this is a trap – a trojan horse. halata naman na both of you represent the MILF not the Republic of the Philippines. Lahat puro pabor sa MILF, grabe ang pagkampi nio sa mga Terorista! at meron pa kayong ibibgay na 70 Billion para sa kanila!! HAYOP KAYO! DAMING NAGUGUTOM SA PILIPINAS TAPOS IBIBIGAY NIO LANG SA MGA TERORISTA!! mamatay na kayo!! Isipin nio ung mga family ng SAF44. wala kayong karapatan maging Pilipino! Dapat palitan ng ibang Military Official ang Peace Panel. Nagpapaloko lang kayo kay Iqbal!!! Masyado kayong napamahal sa kanya, oras oras kayo magkadikit baka may relasyon na kayo ni Iqbal! mga terorista! halatang halata kayo!
      Wake up all people dapat ikulong itong dalawang ito! sila ang magpapabagsak sa Pilipinas!

      Ferrer and Deles you don’t have the right to decide the fate of the entire Philippines!

    3. Frisco Consolacion on

       President Aquino and peace negotiators, Deles and Ferrer, should be charged with TREASON for promoting the dismemberment of the Philippine territory. There must be other peaceful ways to seek true, long-lasting PEACE in Mindanao without sacrificing the INTEGRITY of our country. BBL IS NOT THE ANSWER.  BBL IS UNCONSTITUTIONAL…NO to BBL!   ONE COUNTRY…ONE CONSTITUTION…ONE GOVERNMENT.

    4. Wala naman alam sabihin ang mga tuta at kuting ni Abnoy kundi puro “still enjoy the President’s trust” sa bawat alipores nila na nasasabit sa mga anomalya o pagkukulang sa kanilang trabaho. Trust, trust, ito ang papatay sa AbNoy yan sa mga darating na araw. Deles at Ferrer ba eh mga miyembro ni Butch ABad ng HYATT 10? Kung ganun, lalo silang hindi dapat pagkatiwalaan kasi mga TRAYDOR ang mga yan. Remember what they did to GMA? kuno lang na dahil sa Garci Tape, malamang sa totoo eh hindi sila magkakapera kaya bumaligtad sila..,.. mga iporkrito, tulad ni Drilon, hehehe

    5. vagoneto rieles on

      By the mere fact that the Bangsamoro,(that’s the MNLF, the MILF, BIFF, etc.), are negotiating for an area of exclusion, (a territory or homeland, let’s not kid ourselves); and owing to the fact that nowhere in the BBL draft are the ‘Philippine Muslims’, (the Bangsamoro), referred to as Filipino; the President, himself, must know how absurd and foolish this “peace process” is…as do, Mesdames Quintos-Deles and Coronel-Ferrer. If one denies ..or is ashamed of..being Filipino, he is a foreigner ..and, does not deserve, therefore, any part of the country to call his own.
      I was in-charge of a few projects in Saudi Arabia in the mid-1980s, spread over three job-sites. We would, occasionally, come short of non-skilled laborers and had to hire temps from undocumented Filipinos already there. I remember taking in a group of six or seven from Jolo, once, who preferred to be called ‘mujahedin’ rather than Filipino. I wasn’t really surprised. Having traveled extensively in Mindanao, Sulu and Palawan before then, this was just confirmation of my earlier suspicions.
      What I would like to ask the President and the ”peace ladies” is…”why are they so eager to concede Philippine, sovereign territory to non-Filipinos?” Put another way…”How can a sub-state within the Philippines be a good thing”?

    6. Watch the Senate hearing on BBL and the Mamasapano SAF police massacre these two demonyitas the traitors Deles and Ferrer any question ask about BBL or MILF they furiosly defend it more than Igbal.That is why Sen.Allan Cayetano is right also Sen.Escudero also told these two traitors to stop depending the MILF.Deles and Ferrer should be arrested and charge for treason.Sen.Drilon is a puppet of P-NOY especially when there is a money mentioned to support him.

      • yes,those 2 are traitors.they even have d cheek to utter that d SAF entered d milf’s territory (referring to d Mamasapano massacre) and thus d mis encounter.Its a clear case of Milf’s arrogance and brutality watching d uploaded video on d massacre.Those 2 are not only “blind” but also “deaf”.Didn’t they hear one of d 44 victim’s widow,interviewed on national tv that her husband’s both legs and “ulo” were being savagely chopped off by d same group of rebels,reyes and ferrer defended?

    7. I don’t think deles and ferrer are spokepersons of the milf. they are actually spokepersons for PEACE. PEACE at all cost is better than war. more lives will be lost if peace with milf will not be attained. why don’t we try passing the bangsa moro bill . if after it’s passage nothing good happens after several years then it is time to go all out war. why do protagonists in a war have to suffer a lot of casualties first before they talk and agree for peace when in the first place war could be avoided.

      • Ikaw naman, ipasa muna ang batas at saka alamin kung ok na parang nagexperiment lang… Hilo ka ba? Alam mo ba ang sinasabi mo? Once na nabigyan ng full recognition ang MILF dahil sa BBL eh sino pa puwede humirit na ioutlaw ang batas??? Kahina ng kukote mo. Parang Authorized muna tapos unauthorized ganun ba?

    8. So what else is new? Namatay ang mga polce na yan dahil sa mga walang paking mga hacindero mentality na yan…walang paki sa maliliit at sa mga taga silbi. Puro sarili nila ang inintindi, kung ano ang kanilang ikakatanyag ! Anong sinasabi mo, Drilon that Deles and Ferrer do not deserve to be maligned? Those policemen did not deserve to die, in the first place, if those two, together with Noynoy cared enough for their lives. Do not throw their hurt feelings at us…now! There are those who lost their loved ones, their bread winners, sons, husbands, friends because of your care-less-ness!

    9. I hope they are not promised future ‘benefits’ from any side. Their future lifestyles
      should be monitored..