Fight moves to oust crime-buster President Duterte


ALL good Filipinos must reject and fight moves to remove President Rody Duterte.

He has been a good president so far. The economy in the first six months of his presidency has continued to perform remarkably well, and looks like it will continue to soar. His people have also done the right thing in trying to address mass poverty—allocating more funds than ever before to this grave problem.

Only those who are not thinking right will want to see him out of Malacañang.

There are reasons to worry about his dictatorial tendency—and so, we must resist his moves to obtain martial law powers from Congress. After all, he can rule effectively, and with an iron fist if he wants to, without being given the legal might of a tyrant.

We, the people—the senators, the congressmen, the media, the civil society and Church organizations, segments of the police and military, government personnel, labor and students unions—together with associations of businessmen and employers can sway him into moderating his impulsive wishes. Like dissolving ties and agreements with the United States, the European Union and the United Nations.

Phenomenal achievements
We must not undo all the good things the President has done in his first half-year in office. Our reporter has called these accomplishments “phenomenal” in her yearender article.

We must inspire him and prod him to continue the great example of his six months of graft-free governance.

We must not allow the awful things that will surely happen if our President suddenly disappeared from the scene. Liberal Party kingpins and politicians, ushered in by President Leni Robredo, would then rule.

The Liberals will wipe out the victory so far of the Philippine National Police and other law-enforcement agencies in the war against drug lords and criminal gangs that the President launched on day one of his presidency.

The effort to halt the dominance of casinos and illegal gambling in our neighborhoods will evaporate if President Robredo’s Liberal Party operators—supported by former president Noynoy Aquino—regain power. Perhaps the two government officials and fraternity brods of President DU30 whom he fired for being protectors of gambling lords (and whom he saw in a video receiving a P50 million payola) would be reinstated.

And the drug industry billionaires will rejoice together with the Filipinos who work for them as operators of the illegal gambling business in every community in our country. So will the narcotics trade bosses, operators, dealers and pushers rejoice—and the crooked policemen who are their partners.

Before 2016 ended, the Philippine National Police reported that total crime was down by 12.4 percent in the period of July to November compared with the same period in 2015. Index crimes dropped by almost one-third. Nearly all types of crimes against persons—except killings– and crimes against property fell by double-digits.

Crimes against property plunged 42.5 percent. Rapes also significantly declined (-11.6 percent) as did physical injury cases (-25.7 percent). But with more than 6,000 drug-related deaths, murders surged by about 50 percent. Homicides went down but only by 1.6 percent.

These data show that before his six-year term is over, President Duterte shall have stopped criminality in our country.

Thank God (even if DU30 loathes saying so).


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  1. The likelihood of any ouster move being launched is low at this point in time considering the president’s popularity. The possibility of 6k ghosts of those killed in his drug war haunting him is even higher.

  2. The Catholic Church should stop meddling with politics, like what they did for Cory Aquino. Instead they should pray for the well-being of the many hardworking Filipinos , especially for elected leaders who are now facing very difficult challenge in enforcing the LAW and, correcting the last corrupt policies of Benigno Aquino III.Philippines would not have this drug abused problem if Aquino and his minions did not condone the proliferation of drugs in the country. Bureau of Immigration corrupt officials and other corrupt gov’t agency empoyees Aquino appointed must be relieved of their position if they failed to carry their responsibility.

  3. If this President is so good as claimed in this editorial, how come he is now back tracking on his promise on the SSS pension hike? The previous President vetoed the proposed hike as he thought that the fund would not be able to sustain the higher pension. However Duterte promised that he would increase the pension but now his cabinet officials say that he is looking for a ‘win win’ solution. How many votes did Duterte receive because of his promise, which he now does not seem to be able to keep ?

  4. As always stated by the President it is THE LORD WHO placed him as President,
    it is also THE LORD WHO will remove him.

    who can stand against THE LORD?

  5. I left Philippines when I was at the age of twenty two for overseas job, fresh from passing the CPA Board Examination. Because there is no enough job for me here in the Philippines. Before that, I had to support my studies by myself because my mother cannot afford to pay my studies and my father died when I was six years old. And with other siblings to feed it’s really impossible for my mother to support me. From the Province of Leyte I tried my luck in the City of Manila working as Messenger, Security Guard etc. But the money is not enough. So I ended up working as a dancer in a gay bar in Retiro. And there, the money was quite good. And my studies continued without interruption. I knew some people told me to try the showbiz because I have the looks. But I declined such suggestions because I just wanted to finished my studies. But when I had done my studies, although I have my CPA License I cannot fine any job at all. I don’t want to go back to my old job. So my destiny ended up in Saudi Arabia. I relied my experienced here so that everybody knew how bad our country was during time of the yellow fever. From Saudi Arabia I witnessed how Filipinos are being treated like a garbage. I even helped three of our Filipina countrymen to sent back home through the helped of my employer. One day, my employer called me from the office and mentioned to me that there will be one Filipino to be garroted in the plaza and I remember that was December 17,1992( my employer was the one of King Fahd’s elder adviser in Eastern Province.) My employer told to go the Police Station to asked this Filipino what he wanted to tell to his family before he will be hanged. My employer told not to tell this Filipino that he will be killed that day or else I will be jailed. When I talked to Conrado, I asked him if he was visited by a Philippine Embassy Staffs and he said no. For this situation, I cannot lie to him anymore and I told him that this will be his last day on earth. Conrado was crying and he said he has three small kids to support. And his wife has to worked in Kuwait so that they can saved money for blood money. He said he even converted to Islam faith so that he will be pardon but still it doesn’t worked. That day, of the execution I met Conrado before he was hanged on his way to the execution site. I don’t understand why Conrado doesn’t know me anymore and just looking at me with his eyes looking blank. My suspicion here is, he was drug before the execution. When I was talking to him before the execution I promised I will relay everything to his family in the Philippines when I’m going back home(but I can’t find his family in Sasa, Cavite, Conrado the place told me before he died). I witnessed how he was garroted and its barbaric. When I was in Saudi Arabia I witnessed three Filipinos being garroted. One was a Filipina accused by her employer of killing his infant son . While talking to this Filipina before she died, she said, she was busy with other job in the house. The baby was in the crib. Later she found out that pillow was on top of the baby and was not breathing anymore. May be the baby( four months) grabbed the pillow and put it on his mouth and got suffocated. His employer accused her of killing the baby. She said, she didn’t do it. In Saudi Arabia there is no justice of whatsoever especially if you’re coming from the third world. For Conrado and the other Filipino name Bobby they both accused of murdering other Filipino workers. On these three occasions, no embassy staffs showed up to helped these three Filipinos. This was time of Ambassador Razul. Again I relay this situation so that our President will focus this issue and helped our OFW’s at all. And I think our President can do many things towards OWF’s. After that executions of Conrado I made my way to Europe and then here in North America. OFW’s has been neglected for so many years from Mrs. Aquino then to his son, Benigno Aquino. Do we need another Presidents like them? I don’t think so. And here’s the new President in the name of Duterte. We need a person like him. I am not idolizing our President but the way he did for OFW’S in recent months is very encouraging. MABUHAY Mr. President I salute you.

  6. To do something evil does not necessarily require intelligence, only guts and strong desire of power and unending greed. To beat them, it needs a great thinker and a great tactician to be always two or three steps ahead of them. These people are so hungry for power that they do not consider what is good for the country and the people as one, but only what they wish for their own glorification. We must not underestimate the evil power, but at the same time we must not lose hope that good always prevails.

    • You meant this people does not want majority of us to succeed. Because for being soo poor like me it will be easy for them to control.

  7. I do not believe that any attempt to oust President Duterte will ever succeed. But at a certain level the yellow
    dogs are testing the water. A glaring example is that Winnie Monsod of Channel 7 morning show Unang Hirit has
    boldly diagnosed the President of having mental disorder.
    Even if Channel 7 will disclaim Monsod statement it is very clear that the latter has been a part of Unang Hirit morning show ever since.

  8. “I don’t believe that there is a blueprint for Oust Duterte plot. Firstly, I had a talk with Ambassador Goldberg in a particular event and when he paid a courtesy call to my office, we did not talk about such blueprint.” Leni said in interview, WHEW! I almost fell on my seat on this one, now WHY on earth would an Ambassador would talk to a VP to discuss ousting a sitting Prez?

    I am fully convinced that this LP leader is too incompetent to lead an oust move, i doubt she could even oust a formidable Barangay Captain, check out the cast of characters : Leni, Leila, Loida, Goldberg, Mar, Korina, Noynoy, Trillianes, Kiko, Edcel, Phil.Daily Inquirer and Matobato(for added fun!).
    they reminded me more of the combined TV comedy called “CHAMPOY” and “BALTIK & Co” (guess who is Baltik?) . Really now, do you think this is an able oust group?

    • It’s not them that we should look at, they’re just the front. The planners are the people behind them. Butch Abad, the Hyatt 10, AMLC executives, half the SC and the Ombudsman are still here. Plus off course, they can always count on the support of the US and the CIA, with Goldberg as their link. As Robredo said, they may not be as strong as before since most LP members have already migrated to the ruling coalition. However, they can also migrate back to LP once they sense a change in leadership is possible. Such is the nature of politics in the Philippines.

    • Jaime Dela Cruz on

      Didn’t you read Tiglao’s piece on the ouster of Marcos, helped perpetrated by Malcom, the British Smartmatic boss. Cory was also incompetent to lead an oust Marcos movement, but all she did was agree to the ouster and agree to sit as president after the ouster. The rest is history.
      This call for vigilance and unity to support Duterte should/must be heeded and we must all be vigilant and alert. Watch and notice how ABS-CBN is always airing every “epal” opportunity of Leni.

  9. agree; and thank you for writing this. I wouldn’t say that those who want him out are not thinking right. They are simply greedy and want to return to power and influence – ramos, aquino, the oligarchs – including pangilinan. Don’t exclude the US government. They will keep at it, no doubt. And your call for all of us to reject and fight moves to remove the president is but proper.

    • Evil men even if incompetent can still do the country harm. What we should make sure is for these evil men to be so incapacitated both in money and followers. Let us always be a couple of moves ahead of their evil plans.