Fight won’t be remembered decades later

Floyd Mayweather Jr., hugs Manny Pacquiao after defeating Pacquiao in their welterweight  unification bout at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada.  AFP PHOTO

Floyd Mayweather Jr., hugs Manny Pacquiao after defeating Pacquiao in their welterweight unification bout at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada.

A fight can be     described as a     megabout if it still creates a buzz or debate even after it was staged 20 or more years ago. This is still the case of the marquee fight between Sugar Ray Leonard and Marvin Hagler on April 1987, which Leonard won via split decision.

Like the bout between Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Manny Pacquiao on Sunday, many boxing fans felt the Hagler-Leonard fight was long overdue because both fighters were no longer in their prime when they fought.

But the similarity ends there.

In the Hagler-Leonard fight, the punches thrown was 792 and 629, respectively. On Sunday’s much-publicized fight, Mayweather threw 435 punches and Pacquiao 429.

Although Hagler criticized Leonard for “not fighting like a man,” at least Leonard clearly landed more punches, or 306 for a 49-percent accuracy rate, while Hagler landed 291 or 37 percent. By today’s standards, the punch output of the Leonard-Hagler fight made it a real war. The fight was seen as close one, and as to who was the real winner is still being debated up to this day.

While Sunday’s match was won by Mayweather based on the cards and punch stats, much of the talk years on would be possibly on how the fight failed to live up to its hype, mainly because one of the fighters looked like he was just interested in winning and collecting his huge paycheck. Definitely, it wasn’t Pacquiao.

When the dust settled, Mayweather got the nod of all the three judges, with two scoring it 116-112 and one had it 118-110.

When the Compubox figures came in, it was very clear Mayweather proved he was the more accurate puncher.

The American connected 48 percent of his punches or 148 out of 435, while Pacquiao’s connection rate was 19 percent, or 81 of 420 punches connected. It was in the jab department that the American outclassed the Filipino, or 67 of 267 jabs landed or 25 percent. Meanwhile, Pacquiao landed 18 of his 193 jabs thrown, for a 9-percent connection rate.

In the power punches department, the American landed 81 of 168 punches for an accuracy rate of 48 percent, while Pacquiao landed 63 of 236 power punches landed or 27 percent.

Fight outcome
Pacquiao tried to press the attack many times, but Mayweather found it more convenient to run away occasionally, or many times.

Pacquiao’s best moments were in round 4, where he nailed the American with two left crosses that rocked the American. And the crowd went wild when Pacquiao rocked Mayweather with his patented lefts, because a knockout or knockdown would have been possible. That never happened.

On round five, Mayweather landed at least two good counters and seemed to have regained footing.

And when Mayweather started landing his jabs, hook and right cross on Pacquiao, albeit not on big volumes from the eighth round, it was very clear the American had established control of the fight.

Pacquiao would later disclose in the post-fight press conference that he sustained a right shoulder injury, which was unfortunate.

In the post-fight interview, he said he thought he won, adding Mayweather did “nothing.”

But Mayweather at the post-fight conference also claimed he injured both of his hands, which can be viewed as realistic because as early as four weeks before the fight, rumors were circulating of him treating his hands with antiseptic.

While Mayweather’s cleverness and smarts won him Sunday’s fight, it was obvious that fans were crying for a return of fistic brutality in the ring by rooting largely for Pacquiao, whose primal and aggressive style inside the ring has endeared him to fight fans.

It just so happened that in a number of marquee bouts, the counterpuncher is willing to play the part of the spoiler not exactly to please fight fans. One good example is how counterpuncher Gene Tunney beat fan favorite Jack Dempsey twice in the early part of the 20th century.

But when it comes to making fights generate a buzz decades later, two warriors must get into the ring and trade leather like there is no tomorrow even if they are past their prime. Clearly, Hagler and Leonard showed how to do it more than 25 years ago. But Mayweather seemed to have never thought of wanting to make last Sunday’s bout much talked about decades later. That’s not good for boxing.


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  1. The world was re-awakened to the sad truth…Boxing today is now a science..and the yore era of brute strength figthing is now replaced with witty boxers employing a platoon of lab rats willing to disect the opponent..piece by piece..and at the end of the day a blue print of the things to do atop the ring to ensure a win. I admire the Money team they produced a blue print to their likings not minding what the rest of the world likes…if they are in the world of commerce they make the shrewd corporate men.

    So the moral of the story, PACman must have a shrewd corporate thingking team in his rematch with Floyd. Not his present team of lame thinkers..otherwise Momi D will not have a chance to hug the limelight again.

  2. joe burgos on

    Mayweather may have won a boxing match but Pacquiao won a fight!! He looked for a fight that would never come.l Even Ali , known for his defensive skills, stood his ground and fought!! Manny is a legendary fighter. Mayweather is an Olympic boxer. I paid to watch a fight not dancing with the stars.

  3. If then majority with the exception of the judges thought the fight was not worth the hype and there is really almost no physical contact except a few rounds, Why wasn’t it considered a draw and at least people can demand for real action, maybe the revenues may not e the same because it was almost deceitfully advertized as real action is to be expected then the fans will have a chabce to expect a real fight, In my opinion, the Hagler and Leonard was partially comical as Leonard was showcasing a lot but there were more engagement as far as physical combat is concern. On the second note the Mayweather team was aware of the rejection by the Nevada authority to grant the application of Pacquiao brequest of medication which is legal and the medication is also legally acceptable, so before the fight even started they were aware that Pacquiao has a handicap.

  4. Did Floyd win the fight?, YESSSS!!!.Did he punished,humiliated and knocked out Pacman as he said he would?, NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!.Was it the fight of the century?, by a LOOOOONG SHOT NOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!.

    Did Floyd stayed in the pocket and took risks (like the masters of technique and defense did:Sugar Ray Leonard, Wilfred Benitez, Roy Jones, James Toney, Macho Camacho, Pernell “Sweet Pea” Whitaker,Willie Pep, Nicoilino Roche) while (Floyd) not getting tagged along the way, NOOOOO!.

    If all the great defensive boxers of the past had fought a Floyd Mayweather hit/hugg and run type of all defensive and NO RISK fight through their whole careers then all of them would have retired with a “0” loss on their record, SPECIALLY defensive wizards like Willie Pep, N.Roche Ali,CAMACHO,BENITEZ,TONEY,,SWEET PEA WHITAKER AND LEONARD!!!!.Some of them did fight Mayweather no risk type of fight once in a while in their careers but IT WAS NOT THE NORM OF THE DAY!!!


    Will people remember this fight as the greatest contest between 2 legends?, NO, THIS FIGHT WILL BE EASILY FORGOTTEN !!!!! , ALI/FRAZER, Leonard/Duran 1,Leonard/Hearns 1, Hearns/Hagler, Robinson/Kid Gavilan, Tyson/Lewis, Morales/Barrerras, Ali/Forman, Louis/Schmeling were classic competitive fights (between 2 legends that took risks) to be remembered for the ages!!!!!!!!!!!!.Floyd/Pacman was a chess match to be forgotten within a 5 years span, NO CLASSIC MATCH UP!!!.

    Marciano had 49-0 but he took risks in all his fights and came always on top, imagine if he would just cruise through the fight and hugged/ran all night just to pile up points!!!, he would not be remembered as on of the all time best in the sport of boxing.


    No denying Floyd is indeed a gifted genius and a defense master but will always be remembered as a no risk taker and a master in fight negotiations!!!

  5. LeCramping James on

    Notwithstanding Pac’s shoulder injury…..
    Teams Maidana, Guerrero, Alvarez, Pacquiao, etc. all complained Mayweather ran & didn’t want 2 engage when they fought him. They’re all Dhumb & Stoopid if they expected a slugfest with Jail Jr.
    He’ll use the ring & clinch when cornered. Even Fraud Jr. himself said that…

  6. U have no idea about boxing mate why would mayweather go blow to blow when he had a 10 cm reach advantage he is not a aggressive fighter he is a defence master at the end of the day the SPORT of boxing is 2 hit and not b hit the boxing records will say a win 4 mayweather over PACman not if the fans where entertained all that matters is PACman wasn’t good enough even though floyd is a fuck wit who I don’t like u can’t use your heart over your head

  7. I pity those who paid hundred of thousand in dollars just to see the most hype boxing bout of the century. What did they got, a lesson of running instead of toe to toe fights which is the trade mark of Manny Pacquiao, Maywheather, maybe undefeated his glory will be short live because he can not claim this is his ultimate victory. He should be ashamed because he did not even bruise the face of Manny Pacquiao!