• Fighting down his weight



    PREZ Digong has a good Cabinet. He should make better use of it. He shouldn’t have to fight down his weight. Thus, his needless monologues and quarrels with certain senators who are better dealt with say, by Executive Secretary BingbongMedialdea, Justice Secretary Vit Aguirre or Presidential Legal Counsel Sal Panelo.

    He should give up some of the limelight so he can reflect more. He cannot for instance announce that an emissary of the Marcoses offered to return ill-gotten wealth and then dissemble, with little wiggle room. (It was like Bato de la Rosa saying no more jueteng after 15 days. Anti-poor governance by braggadocio. Casino rollers, high and low, untouched.)

    Fighting Sonny Trillanes can be handled by Digong ally Flash Gordon, trained and coached by Digong sidekick Manny Pacquiao who thrives and shines in the Red Light District of Sports (i.e., boxing, per Jimmy Cannon) or the Manly Art of Modified Murder (W.O. McGeehan). (He shrewdly massages Hurricane Digong’s ego, so no order to the taxman to ask questions about Clever Manny’s supposed billions in tax arrears, per ex-BIR Chief Kim Henares.)

    Silence from local media

    Indeed Super-Boxer Manny has won again, but why the local silence?

    Last August 25, or three weeks ago, a US District Court dismissed damage suits against Manny, Floyd Mayweather and their camps. Numerous plaintiffs had alleged being gypped or defrauded by the failure of both camps to inform the public of Manny’s shoulder injury which should have been known also by Floyd’s supposed
    mole in Manny’s camp.

    The District Court ruling last month on the May 2, 2015 bout concluded:

    “The Court is sympathetic to the fact that many boxing fans felt DECEIVED by the statements and omissions made by the fight’s participants and promoters. The proper remedy for such UNSCRUPULOUS behavior when it implicates the core of athletic competition, however, is not a legal one. Disappointed fans may demand that fighters be more transparent in the future, lobby their state athletic commissions to impose more stringent pre-fight medical screenings and disclosure requirements, or even stop watching boxing altogether. They may not, however, sustain a class-action lawsuit. (Emphasis mine.)

    “In this case, plaintiffs ultimately received what they paid for, namely: the right to view a boxing match, . . . sanctioned and regulated by the Nevada State Athletic Commission. Plaintiffs had no legally protected interest or right to see an exciting fight, a fight between two totally healthy and fully prepared boxers, or a fight that lived up to the significant pre-fight hype.”

    “Deceit” or “unscrupulous behavior” may be typical in boxing. Not for nothing is it called “the red light district of sports. “Sales talk” by snake oil salesmen is okay then?

    But, I have to wonder why I have seen no local reportingas of late this week of a development of weeks ago? I have a copy of the edifying ruling, courtesy of LA-based Fil-Am lawyer Ed Lopez, which ruling may or may not be appealed by any of the various plaintiffs.

    Macoy’s real birth date

    I wish media would also verify whether last Monday was really the centennial, or 101st birth anniversary of Marcos. If my memory is true, 1916 was the year indicated by Marcos in the human rights class suit in Hawaii in 1986. My efforts, and my studes’, to secure a certified true copy of his birth certificate from the National Statistics Office and from the Ilocos have not worked.

    This being Macoy’s birth week, I also wish no American official would again say we are a country of millions of cowards and one SOB. And as I would add, in the 1980s, “and one B.” The Marcoses ruined our values, institutions and processes. This lesson we must remember. Jorge Santayana warned that those who do not remember the past are condemned to repeat it.

    Imee says the Marcoses are in their winter. Politically, may they stay there forever. May they shine in philanthropy, say, by helping fund our free education program under a law which was enacted in violation of the common-sense constitutional requirement of a Treasury certification of availability of funds or a corresponding fund-raising scheme. From where I sit, the law so irresponsibly passed is unconstitutional and free education is not quality education. “I have signed the law, go find the funding,” boomed Digong. Cheap shot.
    A popular chant we had in the dark years was MARCOS! HITLER! DIKTADOR! TUTA! or some such.

    Today we have a Prez who insensitively sandbags his guests to do the clenched fist gesture with him, aping Hitler and his troopers, to the embarrassment of an Aussie official who got hammered for his thoughtless imitation. Only Pinoys he should ask to join him do the fascistic stance. We are certified cowards. And the Prez sees human rights addicts as a lower form of animal life, instead of co-workers for justice. Yet, he remains popular and populist. How many more guests will he embarrass?

    But, my mantra is, I do wish him to succeed as his success is yours and mine, everyone’s. But ML? Again? Never NeverNever Again!

    And, hope springs eternal. If this be winter now, for human rights—
    P1,000.00 for the Commission on Human Rights—the poet asks the wild west wind, surely spring cannot be far behind? Digong will right the wrong, through his Senate Echoes, and get the credit.

    Sad spectacle at SC

    The impeachment and conviction of Chief Justice (CJ) Rene Corona—his bitter winter in life—continues to be discredited by allegations that the Senate was bribed. You mean Presiding Officer Juan Ponce Enrile was, and did Noynoy a favor? I admired the skill of JPE in thwarting the defense maneuvers. To me CJ Rene validated the hoary maxim that a lawyer who defends himself has a fool for a client; the defense also may have erred when it decided to present evidence. It could just have rested when the prosecution restedand Rene could have been acquitted or lost by a vote closer than 18-3. Eighteen “bribees?”

    But then Rene took the stand and shot himself in the foot. Then the defense called Ombudsman Chit Carpio-Morales who had done her homework. Again, in violation of a basic examination principle, whether on direct or cross, taught in basic trial technique: Do not ask a question the answer to which you don’t already know. So, Ombudsman Chit went to town on Rene’s dollar deposits provided by the Anti-Money Laundering Council, required to be reported in the Salonga Law, RA6713, which I co-authored and sponsored on the floor. The defense misspoke, rendered Rene jobless, and broke his spirit.

    The current spectacle of the Supreme Court supplying proof of intramurals is sad and shows how low it has fallen from pre-ML years. One Kenkoy charge has to do with the purchase of a bullet-proof vehicle for the Supreme Court to be used by the CJ. It seems to cheapen the process. That the members want to be heard on personnel appointments seems too petty for impeachment. Their job is simply “to decide cases,” as a US Supreme Court nominee, footballer Byron T. White, famously told the Senate in 1962 when asked how he envisioned the SC’s role to be. To leak info and “evidence” is not part of its lofty function. Such repeated leakage to our resourceful and blameless Jomar Canlas causes damage in lessening the candid cross-fertilization of ideas in devil’s advocacy. Power-sharing slows down adjudication.

    Imee now says the Marcoses are in their winter. (?) Politically, may they stay there forever, like Hitler. They have damaged us enough. Philanthropy is where they can rise and shine, scintillate even, say, by fundingDigong’s free education program, for which there is no money now, given the various valid competing claims on our scarce resources. Our politicians are so populist, looking at the next election, not the next generation.

    But, again, hope springs eternal. If this be winter now, for education and human rights, springtime cannot be far behind.


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