David Heinen

    David Heinen

    David Heinen is known to be one of the longest hitting teaching golf professionals in the US.

    In a long-driving competition years back, he whacked the ball to a distance of 360 yards.

    It was not enough to win the yearly competition but the distance was enough to impress a lot of other golfers considering that David, born to a Filipino mother and an American father, stands only 5′ 9″.

    His secret to his powerful shots is a scientific swing pattern, which relies mainly to terrific handspeed and well-coordinated body movement.

    With this, he set up a golf academy, Kaizen Golf, which is based in Long Beach, California.

    Today, David Heinen is in Davao City for two good reasons – chasing the love of his life, a Davaoena named Chel Ceballos and chasing the dream of helping young Filipino golfers improve.

    David’s dream is to be able to help and develop young Filipino golfers with the long-term aim of being able to bring at least three Filipinas to play in the LPGA circuit in the US and at least three Filipino pros to compete in the PGA.

    ”My mom once asked me why there was hardly any golf player in the PGA with Filipino roots,” he said during a chance meeting at the Matina Davao City Golf Club where he was helping out in a junior golf tournament.

    David said that it was his mom, who belongs to the Guinoo family in Baguio City, who encouraged him to trace his Filipino roots.

    What Filipino golfers need are a good swing and conditioning programs to be able to excel.

    With the help of Filipino friends, he has set up an academy in the Cebu Country Club and he is establishing another one in Davao City.


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