Fil-Chinese culture showcased in Albay


LEGAZPI CITY: For the first time, the Filipino-Chinese and the Albayano culture and traditions were given prominence in the 12 years that the Fiesta Tsinoy Chinese Lunar New Year is celebrated here.

Maria Nini Ong-Ravanilla, Bicol regional director of the Department of Tourism, said the event showed the Pastores Bicol, a musical re-enactment of the age-old nativity story as introduced in the region during Spanish times, and the Fiesta Tsinoy, which depicts the culture and tradition of the Chinese people.

After showing the Albayano culture and traditions, the young members of the Filipino-Chinese community here also showed off their beautiful, colorful and unique way of life.

Ravanilla said that Fiesta Tsinoy is a celebration of life, a time of revisiting the past, a time of renewal and show of their love for its culture and tradition.

“This simple gathering will not only strengthen the bond and camaraderie among the Chinese-Filipino community of Albay but will pave the way for the young Chinese people to continue appreciating who they are what they are and where they truly belong,” Ravanilla said.

Antonio Tan, Fiesta Tsinoy president, said Fiesta Tsinoy is a celebration of the cultural tradition, values and ideals revered by each and every Chinese-Filipino.

“Love and respect for our parents, patience and hard work and also of our solidarity with our fellow Filipinos. That we are all brothers professing the same love four our country and of the same hope and aspiration that our world will be better place to live someday,” Tan said.


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