• Filipina fitness guru promotes bodybuilding

    Fitness guru and champion bodybuilder Gemmalyn Crosby. CONTRIBUTED PHOTO

    Fitness guru and champion bodybuilder Gemmalyn Crosby. CONTRIBUTED PHOTO

    Gemmalyn Crosby, an International Federation of BodyBuilding and Fitness (IFBB) affiliated athlete comes home to promote bodybuilding in the Philippines.

    Crosby, representing the Philippine League of Bodybuilding and Fitness recently won a bronze medal in a major international competition in India.

    Based in the United States with her husband and son, Crosby is in Manila to promote the Shawn Rhoden Classic event on November 16, at the SM City North Edsa Skydome.

    “This is a collaboration of a few dedicated individuals who have a vision for bringing something that can impact people’s lives in positive way to this country.

    The lifestyle that this sport promotes can lead to a healthier population. It also brings neighboring countries together for bigger events and forms a great sense of community and bonding between them,” Crosby told The Manila Times.

    Crosby gained her IFBB Pro Card by winning in the prestigious Arnold Classic Amateur in the USA. She is a Labrada-sponsored athlete (Master Trainer) representing eight times Mr. Olympia Lee Haney’s IAFS Certification course.
    Crosby is also an instructor of Filipino Combat Systems (FCS).

    Crosby is set to launch her tournament, the Gemmalyn Crosby Classic 2014. She also aims to perform fighting roles in the movies next year.

    “Lately I’ve been honing my ninja skills, also doing some film work as well. I have been spending a lot of time building up my boxing, Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) gym called Punch Performance Center,” said Crosby whose also a certified advanced personal trainer, certified sports nutrition specialist, fitness model, author, actress and muay thai and kickboxing instructor.

    “The feeling of having your body healthy and strong is motivation enough to keep doing what I do. I don’t say I’m on a diet. That’s sounds very restrictive. I think of it as following a healthy lifestyle that adds quality to my life. Staying healthy is a lifestyle so it’s normal for me,” Crosby concluded.


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