• Filipina mompreneurs share rewarding journeys


    Mom blogs have become the go-to sources for mothers seeking helpful information and sound advice from equally passionate parents. They also reflect the significant contribution of women in shaping the country’s future and in improving all aspects of life.

     Janice Villanueva of MommyMundo

    Janice Villanueva of MommyMundo

    In the Philippines, two influential Filipina mom-bloggers—Janice Villanueva (MommyMundo) and Frances Amper Sales (Mommy Topaz/Topaz Horizon)—are leading the mission in raising more empowered mothers as they strive to create their own life balance and successful personal endeavors.

    Realizing the scarcity of useful information on matters like breastfeeding, pregnancy and parenting during the pre-internet era, Janice Villanueva enjoined friends in a venture that caters data access through publications and event talks for mothers. This personal advocacy eventually led to the founding of MommyMundo, the Philippines’ first established parenting resource portal for the modern moms and moms-to-be.

    “Our mission is to empower moms, because through them, we raise an empowered generation of good kids. By touching the lives of moms, we help make a difference,” she said.

    From chronicling and sharing daily trials and joys, discoveries and up-to-date information through her blogs, Villanueva’s “world” has grown into one of the largest online communities for women since its launch in year 2000. Just recently, MommyMundo was officially launched in Singapore through an international expo for maternity and child care products.

    “Blogging is perfect for work-at-home moms. The flexible schedule allows them to achieve both worlds, maximize their time doing really productive and fulfilling work. They can work at their own pace while enjoying the moment with the family.”

    The same goes for Sales, who says that being an at-home working mom allowed her to take advantage of opportunities that would have been difficult in the 9-to-5 world.

    A former magazine editor, Sales a.k.a Mommy Topaz said blogging “gave me a platform to share my empowered life! At the start, I just blogged about my life.

     Frances Amper Sales of Mommy Topaz

    Frances Amper Sales of Mommy Topaz

    Then readers started sending me letters how my life inspired them simply because I was living it on my own terms. I insisted on a writing career and I found out that sharing my life inspired other women to also live the life they want. Authenticity is indeed empowering!”

    For Villanueva, empowered mothering begins with making mindful choices.

    “Moms, especially the newbies, can be overwhelmed sometimes because of having an ideal of what a ‘perfect’ mom should be. The first thing that they should do is to snap out of that ideal and just focus on achieving your own set goals, one step at a time. Find your own standards, embrace your uniqueness. Be purposeful on doing things,” she stressed.

    Because of their take on life and motherhood, both mom-bloggers were chosen by Fly Ace Corp. to represent Jolly and empowered moms.

    Of this, Villanueva expressed, “We were really honored because just like us, Fly Ace is really discerning with the quality of its products. Personally, it’s a brand that I admire even before. They really connect with people especially with moms who want to give the best nourishment to their families. And with the wide range of Jolly products, moms can easily cook great-tasting, nutritious and affordable dishes which their kids can enjoy.”

    For her part, Sales shared, “I use my blog to share recipes that are easy to make, affordable and healthy. Many working moms find kitchen tasks overwhelming after a long day at work! But when I share with them that these Jolly recipes are budget-friendly, fast and easy to cook, and are nutritious, too, then it becomes easy for them to make each family meal a Jolly occasion!”

    With dedication and if given proper motivational support, Villanueva and Sales both agree that Filipina mothers can go a long way in their chosen paths of motherhood—whether as stay-at-home moms, full-time career women or work-from-home mompreneurs.


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