Filipina new country rep for Germany-based clinic


A 31-year old Pinay executive had been tapped as country manager for the Manila office of Germany-based DSBlock Cell Therapy clinic.

Country representative Catherine Joy Serrano informed the press it took several meetings with Dr. Daniel Block of Germany before the latter agreed to open last December a satellite office in room 2407, Vinia Tower, EDSA (right across Trinoma, QC).

Dr. Block is a grandson of Dr. Siegfried Block who began using cell therapy to treat diseases and ageing some 60 years ago.

“As Philippine representative, I am handling everything not only in sending patients to Germany but to ensure that the company is giving the right information to patients with illnesses and with those who want to age gracefullly,” said Serrano who decided to run her own business after stints as admin assistant and sales agent for a couple of companies.

Dr. Block visited the country recently to guide and support the DSBlock Cell Therapy Phils. He sees “the potential of making Filipinos aware that there is fresh cell therapy for people over 65 years old.”

DSBlock clinic is highly distinguished because it extracts and injects the cells under the highest standards as created in Lenggries, Germany.

Serrano, an industrial engineering graduate from UST, explained, “DSBlock Cell Therapy Phils. Co. as a business venture is very different and challenging as compared from my previous jobs. From handling mechanical and industrial parts and equipment, I now deal with the treatment and cure of people dealing with ageing.”

DSBlock Phils., in partnership with the Germany-based D. Siegfried Block GmbH, is armed to provide patients the proper assistance in availing the treatment, including acquisition of Germany Visa, assurance of privacy and confidentiality, and “tourist-treatment.”

The office urges Filipinos to think that fresh cell therapy is not expensive after all.

Asked about her advice to people her age who wants to manage a business fundamentally different from their previous interests, she stated, “You need faith, persistence, and lessons learned from failures and humility.”



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