• Filipinas encouraged to join beauty movement


    Dove-2“Only seven percent of Filipina women regard themselves as actually being beautiful.”

    This was a finding borne from the recent Dove-commissioned study that gathered women from Southeast Asia, concentrating on the Philippines, to uncover “The Real Truth About Beauty.”

    The regional study hoped to define the beauty sensibilities of women from within the country and across the region. The findings show a common thread: an enlivened perspective and an attuned sense of self-awareness. The results proved refreshingly positive with healthy valuations when it came to beauty, but this particular figure stumped us. How can only 7 percent out of an entire nation of genuine beauties regard themselves     as beautiful?

    This is where Dove is vowing to come in. As a global giant in personal care and as the original champion for real beauty, Dove wants to turn things around.

    Dove defines this new quest through the #IAmBeautiful Movement: a drive that seeks to up that 7 percent and get more Filipina women to love and appreciate their own beauty. The movement envisions that women have the confidence and appreciation to manifest their beauty in their own terms—free from any labels drawn up by society, not defined by gender differences, and abandoning the impossible standards set by media.

    Join Dove as it rallies Filipina women to dub themselves “beautiful.” Be counted among the Filipinas who appreciate their own brand of beauty and let the  #IAmBeautiful Movement be your voice in proclaiming this fresh perspective of loving, living, and being beautiful. Be part of the movement and take a stand for real beauty.

    Tell the world about your new lease on beauty by liking the Dove Facebook Page.
    Then, change your profile pic with the “I am Beautiful” image (posted on the Dove FB Page). Finally, upload a photo on any of your social media accounts holding an #IAmBeautiful sign with the same hashtag on the caption.

    Spread the word, share the love, acknowledge the beauty in others, and more importantly, believe that you are beautiful yourself.


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