• Filipino archaeologist lectures TMTC students


    Students of The Manila Times College were given a preview on the state of Philippine archaeology by Vito Hernandez, a lecturer at the University of the Philippines (UP) Archaeologist Studies Program since 2011.

    Hernandez has worked on histories of flooding, environmental change and human adaptation. He is an active member of the groups who conducted research on Palawan Island Palaeohistory, Modelling of Pleistocene-Holocene paleoenvironmental change, cultural adaptation on Palawan Island, and Early Human Occupation of Coastal Lowland Pampanga.

    Hernandez urged the students to try science writing.

    “We have plenty of writers on entertainment, sports and politics, but we have very few journalists who write about science,” he said.

    He lamented the fact that the government is giving little support to cultural development.

    “If not for the linkages with private and international groups, including the commitment of the few Filipino archaeologists, archaeological research will remain stagnant,” he said.

    He cited the recent discovery of a 67,000-year-old hominid bone at Callao Cave in Peñablanca, Cagayan Valley by a research team led by U.P. archaeological studies program Director Armand Mijares.

    He said the discovery is a significant contribution of Philippine archaeology to the understanding of human evolution.


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