Filipino beauty brand rakes in int’l awards, nominations


President and CEO is beauty industry’s ‘Global Woman of the Year’

Still on a high with their unprecedented win in the 2016 Sustainable Beauty Awards in Paris, local beauty brand Human Nature is ecstatic as its co-founder and president Anna Meloto-Wilk has been named Cosmetics Design’s Global Beauty Industry Woman of the Year Award on Wednesday.

2017 Global Beauty Industry Woman of the Year Anna Meloto-Wilk

Based in USA, Cosmetics Design puts the spotlight on beauty industry pioneers from the Asia Pacific, Europe and American regions. Meloto-Wilk was the winner for Asia Pacific and was therefore included in the global category.

The entrepreneur has won over North America’s winner Nanette De Gaspé, the Canadian executive turned cosmetic entrepreneur who introduced dry face and body masks to the world under her eponymous brand; and Europe’s Sarah Chapman, London’s most-sought after facialist.

Meloto-Wilk will formally be recognized at the In-Cosmetics Global Exhibition in London, which will take place from April 4 to 6.

During her nomination’s announcement through the brand’s “Summer Party” event in its Quezon City headquarters, the co-founder said they did not expect to win in the international competitions they have been joining. Their only goal, at that time, was to introduce the brand in the global scene.

“We just wanted to put Human Nature out there, a homegrown Filipino brand that is truly doing its best to push the envelope of genuinely natural products that has a strong desire to encourage inclusive prosperity for agricultural communities and poor urban workers,” Meloto-Wilk told The Sunday Times Magazine.

Amalia Meloto-Gomez and the brand’s Sustainability Pioneer Award from Paris

Now that her award has been made official a few days before the end of women’s month, Meloto-Wilk said she’s hoping to inspire her fellow Filipinas as well.

“Personally, I hope these wins are also an encouragement to Filipinas that there is so much we can do in our different capacities. Many of us Filipinas are very fortunate to have the freedom to work and raise a family.

“At the same time, women are also some of the most impoverished sectors in our country so for those of us who have had the education and the access to networks and resources, we should definitely carry more than our weight in ensuring that we bring other people along with us in our personal dreams of progress,” Meloto-Wilk shared.

‘Sustainability pioneer’

Last year, the eight-year old brand outdid an assortment of big names in the Natural Care Category, winning the Sustainability Pioneer Award, among them Swiss multinational company Weleda, which emerged a runner-up, and the Canadian organic skin care line Éminence Organic Skin with its 250-year-old history.

Launched in 2013 and organized by Organic Monitor, a globally recognized specialist research and consulting company for organic products and related industries, the Sustainable Beauty Awards attracts hundreds of entries annually. Meanwhile, the Sustainability Pioneer Award is one of the five recognitions given, together with Sustainability Leadership, Sustainable Ingredient, Green Formulations, and Sustainable Packaging.

Specifically, the award that Human Nature won in 2016 is given to a beauty industry operator who has blazed trails in manufacturing techniques and processes, including use of novel materials, carbon management, and energy management, while fulfilling social responsibilities. Moreover, the proudly made Filipino brand holds the record of being the first winner from Asia thanks to its social entrepreneurship work in the region.

“We didn’t realize that our small company, which is just eight years old, would come this far. We just wanted to do something good, something right, and this award is an affirmation of that,” said Human Nature Marketing Head Wowie Meloto-Gonzalez.

(From left) Human Nature executives Dia Lacoba, Camille Meloto, Anna and Amalia

“It’s truly is a milestone for a fairly young Southeast Asian company to be recognized as an industry leader in natural and community-oriented cosmetics. We have worked hard through the years to stay faithful to our founding values and this award is an affirmation and a recognition of that commitment,” Meloto-Wilk seconded.

Human Nature seems bent on earning international accolades and their president hinted that the two major wins are just the beginning.

“I really feel that we need more good news in the Philippines and we will take every opportunity to encourage and uplift our countrymen wherever they are in the world,” the Filipina entrepreneur shared in closing with The Sunday Times Magazine.


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