Filipino-Chinese businessmen support Estrada over Lim


MAYOR Joseph “Erap” Estrada has no Chinese blood, unlike former Mayor Alfredo Lim whose unknown father was a pure Chinese, but the former and not the latter got the strong support of the Filipino-Chinese businessmen in Manila.

This was according to Councilor Bernie Ang, who also lauded the Filipino-Chinese businessmen for supporting Estrada’s various programs and projects.

Estrada is seeking for a second term as mayor of Manila, with Lim as his number one opponent for the post.

Lim has strongly opposed all programs and projects of Estrada, particularly the increase of taxes.

Estrada earlier said tax payments were increased in Manila in order to boost the income of the local government and improve its financial standing.

Ang stressed that the Filipino-Chinese businessmen have recognized that Estrada’s programs and projects are intended for “the basic needs of the poor in the city, alleviate their plight and help them improve and develop their lives.”

He argued that the pronouncements of some individuals that the Filipino-Chinese businessmen have been hurting from the increase in taxes in the city were “unfounded.”

“Hindi po totoo iyon na nagagalit daw ang mga negosyante dahil sa buwis [It is not true that the Filipino-Chinese businessmen are mad because of the tax increase]. The Chinese community is definitely very happy with what Mayor Estrada has been doing,” Ang said.
He emphasized that “the Filipino-Chinese community is strongly in support of Mayor Estrada, ‘101 percent.’”

Estrada himself has been very appreciative of the support of the Filipino-Chinese businessmen, especially through their four biggest organizations in the country.

These are the Federation of Filipino-Chinese Chambers of Commerce and Industry Inc.
under the good leadership of Dr. Alfonso Siy, the Philippine-Chinese Charitable Association Inc. under the stewardship of Dr. James Dy, the Philippine-Chinese Business Club headed by Cristino Lim, and the Philippine-Chinese Chamber of Commerce under


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