Filipino fishermen stop going to Panatag


MARIVELES, Bataan: Fishermen on Friday said the Chinese Coast Guard has become stricter and bolder in the Panatag (Scarborough) Shoal after an international arbitration tribunal’s ruling favoring the Philippines in a long-standing maritime dispute over the West Philippine Sea (South China Sea).

Gerry Baldea, skipper of F/B Queen Mae, said his group tried going to Panatag, a traditional fishing area, last week but two big boats and two rubber boats of the Chinese Coast Guard shoved them while they were still seven miles away or less than an hour to the shoal.

Panatag Shoal is located 124 nautical miles northwest of Philippines’ main island of Luzon.

“They blocked and chased us. They became bolder when we won the case. I don’t want to go back there,” Baldea said in Filipino.

He recalled how two Chinese rubber boats harassed his group by flanking their fishing boat on both sides.

Baldea said they settled at fishing in an area 30 miles southeast of Panatag Shoal, where they could still see from a distance big Chinese vessels.

Asked why they wanted to fish in the disputed shoal, Baldea said: “The catch is good there. It’s shallow and there are not a lot of waves.”

Fishing in other areas is expensive and it takes two weeks to recoup expenses, compared with only a week if they fish near Panatag Shoal, also known as Bajo de Masinloc.
He appealed for help from the new President.

“President Duterte, we hope we can fish there. For now we won’t go because there’s tension,” Baldea said.

More than 15 fishing boats from Mariveles used to fish in Panatag, he said.
Other fishing crews said most of them fish instead at Rizal (Commodore) Reef, which is protected by the Philippine military.

‘Negotiate fishing rights first’

On Friday, Senior Associate Justice Antonio Carpio of the Supreme Court said the Philippines should negotiate with China even if its foreign minister wants to set aside the arbitration ruling.

This could serve as the first phase of talks to finally help troubled Filipino fishermen resume fishing in Panatag Shoal, said Carpio, who was part of the Philippine legal team that went to the international tribunal at The Hague in the Netherlands.

“We have to reopen the talks without preconditions. We just sit down with them and see how we can proceed,” Carpio said in a symposium in Parañaque.

The discussion, he suggested, should include the setting of protocols, common rules and operations in the fishing area.

“The ruling says that whoever owns the Scarborough Shoal, it is still the traditional fishing ground of the Filipino and Chinese fishermen. So, it is a common fishing ground which means that they are allowed to fish there,” he explained.

“I think China will agree to talk about our traditional fishing ground,” he added.

The July 12 ruling of the international arbitral tribunal declared that China cannot prevent the fishing activities of Filipinos within the Philippines’ 200 nautical-mile exclusive economic zone (EEZ).

Under the Philippine Constitution, the Filipinos have the exclusive right to exploit resources within the EEZ.

Moreover, Caprio said the government should extend financial assistance to affected fishermen while resolving the issue.

Salvador France, a fisherman who attended the symposium, said the last time the government extended assistance was in 2014.

It was only two kilograms of rice and a few cans of sardines.

“There was no direct response from the government to address the difficulty we are saying,” he said in Filipino. “We are urging the government to return to us what is clearly ours.”


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  1. The brewing scandal over unlawful acts of Chinese Coast Guard driving away Filipino fishermen out of Scarborough Shaol or Panatag inspite of their EEZ affirmed by Arbitral decision is clearly violation of UNCLOS.This headliner news is complete reversal of what happened in history when hundred of Chinese ships lined along the territorial sea coast in complete surrender to ancient Filipino Tribal Kingdom Ruler. That time the report was written Chinese Emperor pleading on their knees for release of ships. Scientific studies made by Dr Jose Rizal concluded ancient kingdom was somewhere in Pangasinan northern part being origin of Zambales territorial waters now extend from Hundred Islands to Bolinao even Panatag.The ancient ancestral waters by early tribal Filipinos served as their indigenous tribal fishing ground & habitat. Today decision favoring PH on UNCLOS territorial waters now was supported by over 40 countries.

  2. vic penetrante on

    It is not to China with whom we should talk. We have to ask for help from the whole world. Every newspaper in the globe should carry the news that China is not heeding the UN Arbitration Court. The world should talk to China to prevent war.

  3. The problem with Pinoys is that they are not serious. If they do then they should have sent a giant fishing ship and escorted by the frigate instead of tiny trawler. Its time for them to face the chinese, an eye for an eye. Afterall the laws are of their side.

  4. It it is high time that Philippine exert muscle to counter bullying of the chinese. Noon
    bote garapa ang alam nila. Ngayon iba na. Sila na ang hari. No action on our part
    is giving all the wealth the Spratly Island and water resources have for free. Maliit man
    ang Pinas, puede rin mapabagsak and China.