Filipino Muslims slam Rohingya maltreatment


Filipino Muslims on Saturday strongly condemned the maltreatment of 1.3 million Rohingya who were forced to escape Myanmar.

In a forum in Quiapo, 1Bangsa president Alan Balangi called on the Myanmar government and Nobel Peace Prize awardee Aung Suu Kyi to help the Rohingya who are experiencing one of the most “brutal terrorist acts in history.”

“We call on the Mynamar government to sincerely address the problem of Rohingya minority and to take proper action against the perpetrators led by Buddhist monk Wirathu,” Balangi said.

Joining Balangi’s group were five respected Muslim associations—Imam Council of the Philippines led by Col.Ibra Moksir, National Ulama Council led by Alim Nahuib Taher, I Care for Bangsamoro led by Jam Lahith and Coalition of Moro Youth Movement led by Popoy Pangandaman.

Hundreds of members of these groups will troop to the Myanmar Embassy in Makati City on Friday next week to ventilate their anger against the continued maltreatment of Rohingya people.

The Philippines had expressed willingness to help Rohingya migrants who will end up in the country’s shores.

Thousands of Rohingya have left Myanmar by boat. Hundreds have died at sea due to hunger.

In 2014, nine Rohingya migrants landed in the Philippines and were extended help.

Myanmar has refused to recognize Rohingya as a minority, calling them Bengali, referring to them as migrants from Bangladesh.

“These events shocked the world and it pressured Muslim communities to speak against these terrorist attacks,” Balangi told The Manila Times.

He added that some 90,000 Rohingya people were displaced.


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