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  1. Filipino news has become rotten only because of the journalists biased news. Giving weight to the negatives instead of the positives and sensationalizing non-important events that do not mean to most people. Your editorial is a reflection of what kind of journalist you are.

  2. Reminds me of the boy who cried wolf story.

    Every week some government official is saying there is destabilization plot.
    Any criticism of the government is called a destabilization plot

    Even Yasay called it a destabilization plot when the CA questioned his lying about his American citizenship.

    Old Duterte had a paranoid thought
    Here a plot, there a plot, Everywhere a destabilization plot.
    Old Duterte has a paranoid thought

    To rally the masses support
    A government needs a enemy
    If they don’t have a real enemy, They will invent one.

    (Nhat Hanh)