Filipino seafarer killed in Canada accident


A 38-year-old Filipino seafarer was killed in an accident on board the bulk carrier Nord Quebec at the port of

Trois-Rivières, Canada, the Canadian Transportation Safety Board (TSB) and local media reported.

The accident happened on Monday, May 22.

The crewman was apparently struck in the head by a mooring line while the ship was docking, the TSB said.

The sailor, whose name was not disclosed by the TSB or the Department of Foreign Affairs pending notification of his next of kin, was taken to a hospital, where he died later in the evening.

The TSB, which is investigating the accident, described it as “a very rare” incident.

The Nord Quebec is owned by Norden Shipping (Singapore) Pte Ltd, and sails under the Singapore flag. The 36,000-ton ship was built in 2013 by Onomichi Dockyard in Japan.


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