• Filipino soldiers train in Canada


    The continued training of military forces even outside of the Philippines will do a lot for our soldiers. Given the opportunity most of them would want to undergo training as the AFP faces more roles and tasks in society, especially in the midst of calamities and a growing unstable global environment caused by man and nature.

    The Memorandum of Understanding between Filipino and Canadian forces signed on February 7, 2014 formalizing the training of Filipino forces in Canada is an opportunity that should not be missed to those qualified. Courses in peacekeeping and UN mission staff courses, senior management courses, national security program, language courses (English & French), civil military relations, naval affairs, and Naval boarding party training for the Navy, are interesting courses that should help soldiers become more well-rounded as they continue their service.

    There are already 150 Filipino military personnel who have been trained in Canada. Canada started the training 17 years ago. Last year, Canadian soldiers were deployed to Eastern Visayas to help typhoon Yolanda victims. Military personnel in the course of their military career, should at one time or the other, undergo such training not only for the skill and experience, but a sacrifice on their part, to do their job well, and with the nation and people in mind as they serve.

    Maj. Donato B. Eleazar (Ret)
    Pozzorubio, Pangasinan


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    1. This league will even provide a area for these children
      to grow. You may possibly also consider an internship inside sports sector,
      working to get a local recreational organization, or even for a locally owned sports team.
      Some management administrators get into broadcasting.

    2. whats this! our soldiers will be very well trained. as they are already regularly being trained and advised by the US military and Australia. what our soldiers need are better equipment, facilities and weapons systems called AFP modernization. Besides why train in Canada when that is in arid region and not the tropics.