• Filipino workers start favoring ‘flexible’ options


    Filipino workers are more willing to work and are loyal to companies offering flexible work and options, that would help save companies the cost of staff turnovers and hirings, according to the recent survey released by workplace solutions provider Regus.

    Based on the study, Regus said that 78 percent of the worker-respondents expressed that they would choose one job over another similar one if it offered “flexible work options.”

    “Seventy-five percent also confirmed that flexible working helps improve staff retention,” Regus said in a statement.

    The study confirmed that 76 percent of the respondents believe that flexible working in the Philippines is a “perk that attracts top talent.”

    “With January typically the month where firms see the highest staff turnover rate, this latest release says that flexible working can attract and retain staff in the Philippines,” Regus said.

    According to Regus, recruitment is expensive which can cost a company P34,509 up to P37,000 range for managers and professionals.

    “Seventy-four percent of respondents say offering flexible working makes employees more loyal; 60 percent of workers would actually turn down a job that ruled out flexible working; and 66 percent say they would have stayed longer in their last position had flexible working been an option,” Regus said.

    John Henderson, regional director at Regus, said that flexible working options in jobs would be beneficial, not only for potential employees but also for employers as it will save them costs of fixed office work that requires “mouth-watering salaries.”

    “Hiring and retaining top talent is an age-old priority for successful businesses, but not all companies can afford to offer golden bonuses or mouth-watering salaries while remaining competitive,” he said.

    “Flexible working, which is lower cost than fixed office working, offers the attractive perks of lower stress and better work: Life balance to existing and prospective employees, and provides a low -cost solution to attracting and retaining those top workers. It’s also striking how mainstream the perk of flexible working has become, with many respondents actually choosing their jobs on the basis of flexibility,” Henderson added.


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