• Filipino Zurkaneh team to compete in Nepal tilt


    Zurkaneh athletes swing the meel (heavy clubs). PHOTO FROM THE INTERNATIONAL ZURKHANEH SPORTS FEDERATION WEBSITE.

    The Philippine Zurkaneh Sports Federation (PZSF) is sending a seven-man squad in the 4th Asian Zurkhaneh Sports Championship at the Dasarath Stadium in Kathmandu, Nepal, on August 15 to 20.

    The tournament was organized by the International Zurkhaneh Sports Federation (IZSF) and the Asian Zurkhaneh Sports Confederation (AZSC).

    The term Zurkhaneh translates to “house of strength,” a gymnasium where the Iranian national sport of varzesh-e bastani (literally ancient sport) is practiced. Zurkhaneh sports as they are practiced today still employ traditional implements of Persian physical culture among them meel (wooden clubs), sang (two pieces of large wooden boards resembling war shields) and kabbadeh (chain and bow). Training sessions were led by a morshed (coach) with the accompanying sounds of the zang (bell) and zarb (drum). Zurkhaneh sports can be played individually or in groups. It also features a kind of submission wrestling called koshti pahlavani.

    The members of the Philippine team are Ronildo Palmera, coach and official head of delegation, Luis Ansag, Edgardo Palmera Jr., Jefrey Sinangcote, Elmer Roja, Carlito Deliva and Sherwin Garvida.

    The PZSF was established in the Philippines in May 2012 when Samrat Singh, the AZSC international development director and executive director, visited the country.


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