Filipinos among world’s unhappy people


The perception of Filipinos among the unhappy people in the world is mostly true, specially among the middle class and the poor, for most they feel being taken advantaged by the rich, the leaders the trusted to improve their lives, betrayed them. The politicians promised them the moon and the stars during election, and look what happen. The billions of pesos appropriated to improve the lives of the poor were stolen by their trusted leaders, to no end in site, what is left are empty promises. Yes, these poor people have options to improve their lot, but they failed miserably in using them. Most, they do not even vote during election and if they do, they sell their vote to these corrupt candidates, out of (utang ng loob.) Filipinos out of the country feel helpless and depressed watching helplessly, the country sinking into the sea of corruptions, apathy, confusion, kidnapping, killing the members of the press who dares to criticize the shenanigans of the corrupt officials, and among others. Meantime the rich, not only refuse to help the poor, but continue to enjoy their rich lifestyle, refuse to acknowledge that they even exist. The only hope for the poor, if they use their vote wisely during the next election to elect a strong candidates with good moral pedigree, scrupulous individual, and prosecute these corrupt officials enriching themselves by stealing the peoples money. Otherwise the cycle continue. My hope is that, all these will come to pass, and that the day will come, when Filipinos will be happy again. May God bless us all.

Happiness is hard to measure. I’ve only visited Manila twice but found the people intelligent and interesting,. I liked what I saw of the people and always wondered about the state of mind of the friendly people I saw. I’ve spent a lot of time in Asia, and met many people from the Phils. in Hong Kong. I remember the way the Filippina maids made the most of their day off when they converged on the parks in Central and enjoyed the company of their friends. Recently in HCMC, i was asked for directions by a woman one would have assumed was Vietnamese, but, I could not help asking her if she was a Filippina. “Yes,” she said surprised and laughing. “How did you know?” I told her she looked happy, so I thought she must be from the Philippines. It was a pleasant encounter. Recently, I was having a beer with some friends from Berlin I work with and mentioned that it was hard to believe how people in the Phils,,who were exposed to so many difficulties ( corruption, typhoons, volcancos, earthquakes, floods and terrorism) could be so cheerful . All that my German friends could say was, “not like us,” There are be many ways to measure happiness.


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