• Filipinos encouraged to join ‘Green Travel’


    News-on-H-(print-ad)For 42 years, Haribon Foundation has been working under the principles of scientific excellence and community empowerment in protecting the biodiversity and natural resources of the country.

    The Philippines’ original forest area is down to about 3 percent today from the 60 percent in the 1900s. This implies displacement or loss of plants and animals invaluable to the environment. Majority of these trees are cut down because of unchecked logging and mining. Unfortunately, only a few people are aware of the degradation of our environment and act upon it.

    We in the Haribon Foundation believe that knowledge is the key in empowering the public in nature conservation. Through the organization’s “Green Travel,” participants will learn the story of our forests and experience the outdoors in a way that is fun and unique from any other vacation or tours.

    Each activity is formulated to be environmentally and socially responsible, with the aim of the whole program is to educate people through exposure trips and hopefully stimulate individuals or groups to help out in the advocacy of restoring our forests and other ecosystems.

    To kick off the Haribon Travel, join a unique adventure by making a memorable summer in Mangatarem, Pangasinan and stay in one of the Philippines’ established protected landscapes, the Manleluag Spring Protected Landscape (MSPL). This is a 1,935-hectare national park, and listed as an Important Biodiversity Area (IBA).

    Join the bird watching group and hopefully find the rarely seen Philippine Frogmouth, Rufous Hornbill, threatened birds like the Philippine Duck, and the Flame-breasted fruit dove, plus over 90 bird species in the area. Trek through the woods and see other forest creatures like the Philippine deer, wild boar and the cloud rat.

    There will also be different community integration activities like helping farmers in their gardening or the people organizations in the area in collecting seeds to plant in the nurseries. Learn their culture, struggles, and triumphs in protecting the forest against poaching, cutting down of trees and charcoal making.

    MSPL is known for its spring so definitely swimming in the soothing hot springs will not be missed.

    With this kind of exposure, it is a worthwhile break from the busy city life and enjoying the summer break in a unique way.

    For inquiries, email us at bow@haribon.org.ph, or call 421-1213 or 911-6088..


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