• Filipinos experience Italian culture in 5-day film fest


    BESIDES their food, Italians are also known for their rich culture, scenic landscapes and their vibrant outlook in life. Luckily, Filipinos were able to experience the best of this European country through the Italian Film Festival, which holds its culmination today.

    From July 23 to 27, seven of the most represented and awarded Italian movies were featured in the “Moviemov” film festival held at the Shang Cineplex, Shangri-La Plaza in Mandaluyong City.

    Now on its third year, the traveling Moviemov film fest organized by Playtown Roma returns to the Philippines in recognition of the country’s openness to discover and learn about other cultures, while keeping their own traditions alive.

    “Among the places in the Southeast Asian region, the Philippines seems to be easily receptive to other cultures from different countries. While the Filipino culture, traditions and customs are preserved, there is willingness of the country to open themselves to other cultures and we truly love this side of the world,” said Goffredo Bettini, the Italian senator who created Moviemov for the Asian audience.

    Italian Ambassador to the Philippines Massimo Roscigno welcomed Bettini and three Italian actors Eleanor Sergio, Andrea Bosca and Paola Minaccioni who came to the Philippines to support the Asian premiere of Italian films. In a press conference held on July 24 at the Edsa Shangri-la Hotel, Roscigno emphasized on the importance of “interpersonal exchange” between two nations.

    “We continue to build bridges in cultures of two nations through sharing of knowledge and experience. The discussions that happened today is an example of an effective exchange. Since Italian culture is one of our greatest asset, we want to be able to share this with the Filipino people and the Asian region,” the ambassador said.

    One of the highlights of this year’s event is the screening of the Academy Award-winning Italian film, La Grande Belleza (The Great Beauty) which shows the realistic beauty of the country through the eyes of a 65-year-old writer.

    Another sought-after short film screening today is the A TuttoTondo, a film that portrays the life in the Smokey Mountain. This was an idea from Bosca, the Italian actor who first visited the Philippines in the previous Moviemov. When he saw the way of life in Tondo, he was inspired to tell their story through the art of film.

    To further encourage Filipinos’ appreciation for Italian films especially of the younger generation, there was also an open forum held between students from different schools and the actors who shared their craft to the young filmgoers.


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