Filipinos express love, devotion to Pope Francis


Filipinos from all walks of life on Friday expressed their love and devotion to Pope Francis as his simple Volkswagen (people’s car in Germany) traversed the corner of Quirino Avenue and Osmena Highway on his way to Malacanang Palace on Friday morning.

Men, women and children by the thousands waited for hours just to have a glimpse of the “People’s Pope”.

They could not contain their mixed emotions and feelings as the “Vicar of Christ” is upon them right in front of their eyes.

They waved, jeered and shouted for joy as the convoy of Pope Francis passed through their very own eyes.

”Viva Il Papa,” “We Love You”, and “Welcome Pope Francis” are just some of the words of expression of love and devotion they uttered as they saw the Volkswagen carrying Pope Francis.

Cameras, ipads, cellphones and other high-tech gadgets were visibly taking up “staccato of pictures” and even videos as Pope Francis waved and smiled to Filipinos from his open-window Volkswagen passing through Osmena Highway.

Filipinos were also happy to see the “Pope Mobile” in the back portion of the convoy of Pope Francis. PNA


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