• Filipinos living shelterless in cities reach 1.5 M


    CAGAYAN DE ORO CITY: About 1.5 million Filipinos living in cities were without adequate shelter, the Organization of Social Housing Developers of the Philippines (OSHDP) said Wednesday.

    The OSHDP was holding a 3-day national housing convention in this trading capital of Cagayan De Oro City with “rapid urban migration as the focus of discussions.”

    George Richard P. Siton, the OSHDP President, said that of the 1.5 million people without adequate shelter, 600,000 Filipinos were living in Metro Manila.

    He said that the participants of the OSHDP convention this year expected to adopt a concrete approach to address the housing shortage in the country.

    “The housing contractors, developers, and stakeholders would certainly endorse important resolutions that would likely become part of the government’s legislative agenda on housing,” Siton said.

    Christopher Ryan Tan, OSHDP chairman, also blamed the government “red tape” as the culprit in the delay of construction of adequate shelters in disaster-hit communities.

    The OSHDP cited the 5,000 victims of typhoon Sendong in Cagayan De Oro City in 2011 who remained without adequate shelter for failure to develop the 14 intended relocation sites here.

    “It would take two years for a realty developer to secure a total of 68 permits in one housing site alone,” Tan said.

    He said that the bureaucracy should streamline the process of securing housing permits in order to get rid of “red tape” in order to expedite the development of housing sites.

    The OSHDP also discussed the prospects of the Philippine economy, realty outlook, environmental innovations in housing and other initiatives in the construction technology during the first day of the convention here.


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